Attention, every single Satoshi counts!

Attention, every single Satoshi counts!
29 Jun 2018 , 15:03 @ Mirko

Attention, every single Satoshi counts!

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym under which the original, published in 2008 document on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) appeared.

The use of the name Satoshi itself and its value is in this article of special attention because the name, not least also thanks to the serious increase in price, more and more identification in the daily use of crypto terms received.

The scaling of bitcoin is 8 digits behind the comma where 0.00000001 BTC, also known as 1 Satoshi. With the beginning of the Bitcoin course and the value measurement in the US dollar results in a very interesting course that continues up to the present day and the generally known “All Time High’s” and “Up and Down’s” and the current Bitcoin course will momently leaved in the background.

The following short view makes it easier to understand why Satoshi?s has become enormously important as a name and as a measurement point in the BTC course.

On August 18, 2010, 100 BTCs exceeded $ 1 for the first time.

15.09.2010   10 BTC> 1 Dollar

10.02.2011   1 BTC> 1 Dollar

02.06.2011   0.1 BTC> 1 Dollar

02.04.2013   0.01 BTC> 1 Dollar (1 BTC 100 Dollar)

28.11.2013   0.001 BTC> 1 Dollar

01.12.2017   0.0001 BTC> 1 Dollar

           ???            0.00001 BTC> 1 Dollar

If 1 Satoshi, 0.00000001 BTC, reaches the value of 1 US Dollar, then a single Bitcoin will cost 100,000,000 US dollars. So far, the value of Bitcoin has multiplied tenfold within one to seven months, after multiplying tenfold.

Is Bitcoin 2018 facing the $ 100,000 breach?

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