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Bakkt bitcoin futures

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Daily Volume exceeded $ 200 Million (New ATH)

Yesterday, Bakkt recorded the highest numbers in the daily trading volume of Bitcoin Futures.

18 Sep 2020 , 20:08 @
bitcoin news

Bitcoin and Ethereum Rewrite History in Several Ways

Mean transaction volume on Bitcoin reached 1-Year High, Ethereum daily transactions at All-Time High and Miners revenues at 5-Year High.

18 Sep 2020 , 12:21 @
Bitcoin mining

Micro BT will release Bitcoin Mining Machine, which has the parameters to overcome Bitmain S19

The behind-the-scenes information provided by the Chinese reporter reveals Micro BT latest plans.

17 Sep 2020 , 19:20 @
Buy Bitcoin

Pantera Capital recommends #BuyBitcoin and disagrees with the Fed

Pantera Capital recognizes that cryptocurrencies are among the most powerful assets, and the value of paper money will be destroyed by unlimited printing of money.

17 Sep 2020 , 13:03 @
bitcoin news

Bitcoin is at an All-Time Low in sentiment, which tracks Twitter activity

Twitter, as one of the most popular social platforms for crypto enthusiasts, reports low activity of Bitcoin fans.

16 Sep 2020 , 19:51 @
bahamas crypto

Bahamas will start using its own digital currency, Sand Dollar, next month

The Bahamas will soon experience a digital revolution, supported by their new digital currency, Sand Dollar.

16 Sep 2020 , 13:37 @
Bitcoin Invest

MicroStrategy Inc. has invested $ 425 million in Bitcoin to date

MicroStrategy, a company listed on Nasdaq, continues to buy Bitcoin and has invested $ 425 million to date.

15 Sep 2020 , 18:22 @
eth 2

ETH 2 has to pass another Big Test before the Mainnet

A quick update by Danny Ryan (Eth2 Researcher) highlights the approaching launch of another public testnet called Spadina.

15 Sep 2020 , 12:09 @
bitcoin market

The Bulls have Stopped the Panic and are sending Bitcoin towards the $ 11K

In the Bitcoin market, it turned out quite well in the end, and the bulls did not allow it to fall below $ 10K.

14 Sep 2020 , 18:37 @

DeFi protocol bZx lost $ 8.1 Million due to a faulty piece of code in its smart contracts

The bZx protocol, built on the Ethereum network, experienced the third attack in which it lost $ 8.1 Million.

14 Sep 2020 , 13:02 @
Crypto Trading news

Crypto trading volumes literally exploded in August, exceeding the more than the annual high

This year’s August was marked by the cryptocurency trading, when it was the most active month since 2019.

13 Sep 2020 , 18:04 @
crypto ATM

Coin Cloud celebrates the installation of the 1000th Crypto ATM

The leading provider of Digital Currency Machines, announces the achievement of a major milestone, the 1000th installation.

13 Sep 2020 , 11:23 @
digital currency europe

Europe is preparing for the AGE of the Digital Currency

In today’s speech, the Governor of the Bank of France recognized the importance of digital currencies and the need for Europe to take a strategic decision on payments.

11 Sep 2020 , 19:56 @

Yearn Finance introduces StableCredit, a new protocol for decentralized lending

Yearn Finance presents StableCredit and comes up with a new protocol that combines tokenized debt stable coins, lendings and AMMs.

11 Sep 2020 , 14:11 @
crypto news

Switzerland wants to respect Cryptocurrencies and comes up with a new “Blockchain Act”

The Swiss Senate accepted today a comprehensive set of reforms concerning the new law on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

10 Sep 2020 , 19:33 @
tron crypto

Daily activity of TRON wallets increased by 83% in August

TRON is experiencing a successful period, surpassing 100,000 active daily wallets in August and increasing activity by 83%.

10 Sep 2020 , 12:48 @
crypto hack

Hackers stole $ 5.4 million in crypto assets from the Hot Wallets of the ETERBASE

The European cryptocurrency exchange ETERBASE was hacked and users lost their crypto assets.

9 Sep 2020 , 18:41 @
Bitcoin ATM

Crypto ATMs in Germany must obtain a license from BaFin

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority for Germany has published clear conditions for crypto ATM operators.

9 Sep 2020 , 12:33 @

Core Group-TOTAMS JV, The Largest Blockchain based Asset Management & Accounting Platform in Africa

Core Group & Totams Signed a Partnership To Provide a Fully Blockchain Based One Stop Asset Management and Accounting Solution.

8 Sep 2020 , 19:00 @
monero clsag

Monero Performed the First CLSAG Transaction

Monero announces further progress in the integration of CLSAG ring signature construction, which will be deployed on the mainnet in October.


8 Sep 2020 , 11:55 @
bitcoin trading

Dump below $ 10K would mean the loss of all optimism in the Bitcoin market

The battle for one of the most important psychological price level in the Bitcoin market has just begun.


7 Sep 2020 , 12:34 @
fintech news

SBI Holdings is creating International Financial Centers where it wants to attract new FinTech companies

The CEO of SBI Holdings has revealed a new concept that aims to locate an international financial center in the Osaka and Kobe area.


6 Sep 2020 , 19:47 @
Bitcoin news

Within a day, the mood of BTC traders changed from “Extreme Greed” to “Fear”

There is high volatility in the Bitcoin market these days and the mood has changed by 180 degrees.


6 Sep 2020 , 11:46 @
crypto regulations

The Governor of the Bank of England draws attention to Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins

Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, has published a speech in which he clarifies his view of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.


4 Sep 2020 , 18:41 @
crypto tax

Switzerland’s canton of Zug will allow you to pay taxes through BTC and ETH

Switzerland’s canton of Zug will make it possible to pay taxes in cryptocurrencies, in reaction to the growing interest in digital currencies.


3 Sep 2020 , 19:41 @
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