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InCore Bank

Swiss InCore Bank has been licensed for many Crypto activities

The Transaction Bank has many years of experience and thorough knowledge of applicable regulations and processes. This puts bank in the position of a highly secure and verified institution.


31 May 2020 , 19:14 @

The head of the Russian Post mined cryptocurrencies in the workplace, an investigation is underway

According to the latest reports from the RNS have already initiated criminal preceedings against the head of the branch of the Russian Post in Mineralnye Vody.


31 May 2020 , 11:26 @

Cardano reveals the Shelley Rollout Plan with specific dates, community is excited

As we have already informed you, the new Shelley network will be 50 to 100 times more decentralized than other large blockchain networks, and this event is therefore highly monitored.


29 May 2020 , 16:57 @

Russia’s Central Bank plans to launch a digital mortgage on the Blockchain platform

According to current news from RIA Novosti, Russia’s central bank is already working to launch a digital mortgage through Masterchain.


29 May 2020 , 11:04 @

Gemini celebrates a new partnership with Samsung Blockchain

Gemini will allow all users of the Samsung Blockchain wallet to connect to their mobile applications where they can then buy, sell but also trade cryptocurrencies.


28 May 2020 , 19:10 @

Reddit tokens are much more popular in the FortNiteBR community than in CryptoCurrency

According to current statistics, which monitor the new reddit tokens ‘MOONS‘ and ‘BRICKS‘, it is clear after a few weeks which of the communities use them more often.


28 May 2020 , 15:25 @

CoinShares introduces a new index that combines Crypto assets and Gold

CoinShares, a company focusing on connecting traditional and digital finance, has already officially launched the new CGCI index.


27 May 2020 , 19:14 @

eMusic Launches its own digital token eMU and builds a sustainable music ecosystem

eMusic was the first company to launch an online store where you could download your favorite music in MP3 format, and from now on it is also the first music service to have its own digital token.


27 May 2020 , 11:59 @

Australian University RMIT brings 2 new postgraduate programs for Cybersecurity and Blockchain

RMIT University in Australia is aware of the current lack of skills in cybersecurity and blockchain and is bringing two new degree programs in these areas.


26 May 2020 , 18:26 @
india crypto

Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX receives $ 2.5 million investment from Polychain Capital

One of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has secured significant financial investment from Polychain Capital, which is supported by one of the most important crypto companies Coinbase.


26 May 2020 , 12:04 @

Bitcoin does not currently have strength to beat $ 10,000

BTC is under MA200 which is another bearish mark, the next EMA300 support is at $ 8536, if we close below $ 8,500 today, it will be a strong bearish signal.


25 May 2020 , 17:42 @

Ethereum currently has 40 million addresses, is it more than 350% increase since 2018

Ethereum has really great results, according to information from glassnode (pioneering on-chain market analysis), ethereum currently has 40 million addresses with non zero balance.


25 May 2020 , 12:05 @

Blockchain platforms Travala and TravelbyBit backed by Binance join forces

On the Travala and TravelbyBit platforms, you can currently pay with several currencies, including more than 25 of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC or BNB.


24 May 2020 , 18:17 @
reddit crypto

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian has part of his property in Crypto

Yahoo Finance interviewed Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the world’s largest online forum, and found out his views on crypto.


24 May 2020 , 11:24 @

Stolen BTCs from Bitfinex (2016), in a current value of $ 1 billion are on the move

Whale Alert warned us today that it recorded a movement of 28.39124 BTC ($ 255.863), from the wallet to which the stolen Bitcoins from the Bitfinex exchange were sent in 2016.


22 May 2020 , 16:52 @

South Africa is currently experiencing a large increase in the volume of BTC trading

On the chart showing the weekly Local Bitcoins volume, we see an almost double increase over the last month and the second highest volume since December 2017.


22 May 2020 , 11:40 @

IBM will be the new shareholder of Blockchain Startup We.Trade, along with 12 other banks

We.Trade has a really big support and in addition to IBM, the company already has 12 other members and they are big European banks such as UBS, Deutsche Bank or HSBC.


21 May 2020 , 17:51 @
digital euro

Banque de France has successfully tested its own Blockchain for the use of Digital Euro

The press release of the Banque de France announces the progress of the central bank’s experimentation in process of evolution digital currency.


21 May 2020 , 12:17 @

Thanks to DIGYCODE, you can now buy TEZOS (XTZ) at 10,000 stores in France

If you haven’t heard of DIGYCODE yet, this company has turned “complicated” purchase of cryptocurrencies into a simple matter, and compares to buying your favorite baguette.


20 May 2020 , 17:30 @
crypto news

Atari will allow LTC owners to pay on their gaming platforms, confirms it new partnership

These days we are witnessing a new collaboration between the Litecoin Foundation and Atari, one of the most famous companies in the gaming industry.


20 May 2020 , 12:00 @

Raiffeisen Bank and Billon successfully tested an Digitized National Currency

The system allows banks to choose a transfer method that guarantees better speed, greater security of payment status, and reduced exception handling.


19 May 2020 , 18:09 @

The popular BitMEX exchange faces serious allegations of money laundering of $3 billion

A lawsuit was filed against HDR Global Trading Limited (A.K.A. BitMEX) by BMA LLC, the court document contains 106 pages where it is described what illegal activities the company should have committed.


19 May 2020 , 11:38 @

BTC tried to beat $ 10,000 several times, but the bears didn’t give him a chance

The HALVING that the whole crypto scene has been waiting for is behind us and we can summarize what happened on the market and what the predictions are.


18 May 2020 , 18:51 @
crypto news

Visa CEO thinks that Digital currencies should be part of the payment ecosystem

During the JP Morgan Annual Tech technical conference, was also a discussion about digital currencies, in which Visa CEO Alfred F. Kelly also took part.


18 May 2020 , 10:42 @
crypto news

Lamborghini uses Blockchain for its digital stamps from the Automobiles Lamborghini Collection

Lamborghini has introduced the first collector’s digital stamp featuring the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder.


17 May 2020 , 18:15 @
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