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ecb digital euro

ECB must work very hard on digital euro, German finance minister reacts to today’s news about the launch of Libra stablecoin

Today’s news that the first stablecoin of the Libra association may be launched as early as January next year has worried the central bank of Europe.

27 Nov 2020 , 20:30 @
Libra crypto

The most anticipated stablecoin under the auspices of Facebook could be launched in January 2021

The Libra Association, led by Facebook, is outlining its plans with a tentative launch date for the first stablecoin.

27 Nov 2020 , 13:01 @
russia and crypto

Russian prime minister, Mikhail Mishustin proposes to recognize digital financial assets as property

In addition to pandemic measures, the Russian government discussed today the status of cryptocurrencies.

26 Nov 2020 , 19:28 @
crypto regulations

CEO of Coinbase is concerned about the regulations that Trump’s government still wants to implement

Brian Armstrong, founder of one of the most successful crypto companies, has expressed serious concerns about how the US government wants to regulate the cryptocurrency industry.

26 Nov 2020 , 14:15 @

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange has reached a new monthly maximum in terms of trading volume

The month of November is not even over and the Binance crypto exchange is already announcing new monthly ATH.

25 Nov 2020 , 19:46 @
bitcoin hodl

Whales still hold and accumulate BTC, the smallest players have already sold it for $ 13.5k

In today’s article, we’ll look at how different categories of holders behaved after the rise of Bitcoin.

25 Nov 2020 , 14:39 @
eth 2

Ethereum 2.0 has already met the deposit limit and will be launched on time

One of the most anticipated events in the crypto world will meet the estimated time and ETH 2 will be launched next week.

24 Nov 2020 , 20:21 @
japan crypto

The Tokyo financial giant is launching a cryptocurrency lending service through its subsidiary

SBI Group announces the official launch of the VC TRADE LENDING service for the rental of cryptocurrencies.

24 Nov 2020 , 12:22 @
ccb digital bonds

China Construction Bank has suspended the sale of $ 3 billion Bitcoin Bonds

According to the latest information, CCB has suspended its plan and will not sell its bonds through the digital asset exchange.

23 Nov 2020 , 19:47 @
bitcoin news

All indications show that we will see the new ATH on Bitcoin soon

What we are currently seeing on Bitcoin is a really exciting ride and if it continues, soon we may see a new ATH.

23 Nov 2020 , 14:25 @

In the last 7 days, altcoins have seen strong awakening such as SFI increase of 720%, ZLOT 305%, KP3R 157%

The volatility of some altcoins has been extremely high over the last week, but in this case it has been a positive change.

22 Nov 2020 , 19:31 @

The Chinese president is urging G20 officials to discuss and develop the digital currencies of central banks

During the two-day G20 meeting on international financial stability, the Chinese president called on leaders to work on the CBDC.

22 Nov 2020 , 14:08 @
defi market

DeFi has reached a new ATH today and is on the rise again

Interest in DeFi is growing enormously in November, and total value locked has today exceeded $ 14B.

20 Nov 2020 , 19:28 @
ethereum news

Vitalik Buterin clarified the issuance schedule of ETH, and the price rises above $ 500

The founder of Ethereum participated in an AMA session where he specified how it will look like with the cryptocurrency emission in the following years.


20 Nov 2020 , 12:02 @

The Chairman of the SEC thinks that Bitcoin’s growth is mainly due to the inefficiency of current payments

Jay Clayton was a guest of CNBC today where he presented his view of the current situation and also Bitcoin.

19 Nov 2020 , 20:24 @
binance vs forbes

Binance is suing Forbes and two of theirs journalists for false accusations that were published in a recent article

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange has filed a lawsuit against the world-famous daily Forbes, which claimed that Binance was circumventing regulations.

19 Nov 2020 , 14:17 @
crypto mining china

Miners in China started shuting down the machines because they can’t pay for electricity due to frozen bank cards

The Chinese media came up again with information confirming the continuing problems of crypto miners.

18 Nov 2020 , 20:30 @
solana blockchain

Newcomer Solana is surprisingly in first place in terms of total transactions on Blockchain, followed by EOS, TRON, ETH

In this article, we will look at Blockchains which are the most used in terms of transactions and belong to the TOP10.


18 Nov 2020 , 12:34 @
bitcoin new ath

FOMO on Bitcoin continues and the open interest on CME is now on the highest level ever seen

Bitcoin is rising again and is close to $ 18K, The open interest on CME is on ATH.

17 Nov 2020 , 20:20 @
origin hack

Hacker stole $ 7 million from DeFi Origin protocol

DeFi reports another attack, this time the Origin protocol, which is facing losses of $ 7 million

17 Nov 2020 , 14:15 @
bch hard fork

Bitcoin Cash has Hard Fork behind it, which divided the Blockchain into two competing networks

The crypto world witnessed another Hard Fork yesterday, this time with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash.

16 Nov 2020 , 19:45 @
bitcoin new ath

Bitcoin has built a new support at $ 16K so it can continue on its way up

It is currently looking very good in the Bitcoin market and the dreaded resistance has become a new support.

16 Nov 2020 , 13:01 @
neo crypto

NEO celebrates four years of the MainNet launch and publishes highlights

Neo, an open network for the smart economy, commemorates the four-year anniversary of the launch of the mainnet, as well as development successes.

15 Nov 2020 , 14:07 @
grayscale invest in bitcoin

“The Grayscale team raked in over $115 million in bitcoin alone yesterday”, informs Managing Director

Bitcoin continues to grow and the Grayscale, a leader in digital currency investing, has a reason to rejoice.

13 Nov 2020 , 20:02 @
paypal crypto service start

PayPal has kept its promise and is launching the first phase of a crypto service for the U.S.

The payment giant is pushing its boundaries in the crypto space and is already launching a new service for U.S. clients.

13 Nov 2020 , 12:14 @
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