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bitcoin mining company

Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining company has ordered another 10,000 S-19 Pro Miners

Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA) announced a new order of 10,000 S-19 Pro Miners.

26 Oct 2020 , 19:15 @
Bitcoin News

Almost everyone wants to own Bitcoin and this can push the price up to $ 14K

At present, it seems that Bitcoin has support from all sides, which increases the pressure on its price.

26 Oct 2020 , 12:29 @
J.P. Morgan and Bitcoin

J.P. Morgan, a global leader in financial services – Bitcoin can compete with gold

One of the most respected financial services companies recognizes the quality and importance of Bitcoin.

25 Oct 2020 , 19:11 @
The U.S. and bitcoin

The U.S. is behind the sharp rise in Bitcoin searches on Google

Google Trends has seen a more than twofold increase in interest in Bitcoin search this month.

25 Oct 2020 , 14:26 @
Kucoin Hack

The hacker who attacked KuCoin wants to raise his funds and has so far sent around 3000 ETH (~ $ 1.25M) to Tornado cash

According to the latest findings, the KuCoin hacker has already started working on how to get his catch and turn it into cash.

23 Oct 2020 , 17:16 @
Bitcoin Ethereum News

ETH transferred $ 1 trillion in 2020 and overtook BTC with $ 800 billion

BTC and ETH have transferred a combined $ 1.8 trillion in 2020 and reached the new ATH.

23 Oct 2020 , 11:42 @
Raiffeisen Bank own Crypto Coin

Raiffeisen Bank International A.G. will have its own RBI Coin, a next-generation digital cash

In Austria, the crypto exchange Bitpanda and the banking group RBI have joined forces to bring Blockchain to the banking industry.

22 Oct 2020 , 18:24 @
grayscale aum crypto

GRAYSCALE has a total AUM of $ 7.0 billion and provides an overview of cryptocurrencies which belong here

And Leader in Digital Currency Investing currently focuses on only a few cryptocurrencies, as confirmed by their latest update.

22 Oct 2020 , 12:01 @
paypal accept bitcoin

PayPal as a potential trigger for mass adaptation of cryptocurrencies worldwide

Today is one of the most important days for cryptocurrencies, thanks to PayPal and their decision to accept cryptocurrencies.

21 Oct 2020 , 17:31 @
Digital Bahamian Currency

Digital Bahamian Currency is officially launched and is available nationwide

The Bahamas has followed its plan and the digital Sand Dollar can now be used by anyone in the area.

21 Oct 2020 , 12:12 @
Blockchain news

Kyrgyzstan and fair elections can only be saved by Blockchain, says the acting president

Sadyr Japarov, Acting President, wants to fight unrest and revolution with Blockchain, which will ensure fair elections.

20 Oct 2020 , 18:47 @
Bitcoin news

Bitcoin stays for 85 days over $ 10k, the average one is 27.7 days

So far 2020 is the best year in terms of how long Bitcoin has managed to keep the price above $ 10k.

20 Oct 2020 , 10:31 @
Russian Ruble

Russian Ministry of Finance thinks the digital ruble can reduce the economy’s dependence on the U.S. dollar

Digital Ruble is currently a hot topic in Russia and it seems that the central bank, together with the Ministry of Finance, is in favor of it.

19 Oct 2020 , 19:49 @
Bitcoin News

Positive responses to BTC and large purchases by public companies may push the price higher soon

Bitcoin is currently in a good position thanks to many positive news and support at $ 11.3K is still intact.

19 Oct 2020 , 12:02 @
U.S. crypto regulations

The U.S. is extremely active on cryptocurrency and blockchain bills, as proven by 40 bills over 2 years

According to a recent survey, the US Congress introduced 40 bills on the subject of crypto and blockchain in just two years.

18 Oct 2020 , 18:51 @
Lombard Odier invest in crypto

The Biggest players in the Swiss private banking sector are investing in digital assets

Lombard Odier Investment Managers are looking for new Blockchain and tokenization companies for their fintech investment fund.

18 Oct 2020 , 11:10 @
atari token

Atari is launching a massive crypto campaign this month

An American company involved in the development of gaming hardware and computer games is launching the sale of tokens and a new gaming console.

16 Oct 2020 , 18:01 @
Intel and Crypto

Technology giant Intel® started buying digital currency already in 2012

Intel, a leading manufacturer of microprocessors and integrated circuits, funded its testing program using digital currency / tokens.

16 Oct 2020 , 11:42 @

IOTA announces the final Alpha release for an open-source DLT framework for decentralized data streaming

On its official blog, IOTA today announced the final Alpha release for IOTA Streams.

15 Oct 2020 , 19:04 @
Bitcoin News

The activity of Bitcoin traders is increasing and several indicators are reaching a new high

Bitcoin active supply is just one of the indicators reaching a new high of 1,748,838,073 BTC.

15 Oct 2020 , 11:13 @
Crypto in Russia

Russia will allow non-qualified investors to purchase digital assets with a maximum value of RUB 600,000 (~ $ 7,700)

The Bank of Russia has issued today a new proposal for a directive on digital assets, which sets the conditions for qualified and non-qualified investors.

14 Oct 2020 , 19:36 @
crypto news 24

In 2020, Public companies purchased almost 600,000 BTC (+$ 6 billion)

This year is a turning point in terms of investment in BTC, with public companies invested in it more than $ 6 billion.

14 Oct 2020 , 15:24 @
Blockchain News

Blockchain could boost global economy by $ 1.76 trillion by 2030, PwC analysis confirms

Blockchain technology is one of the biggest stimulus that can increase global gross domestic product (GDP) by $ 1.76 trillion over the next ten years.

13 Oct 2020 , 16:15 @
Hedget crypto

What is Hedget? The HGET Token? – A Full Overview

Hedget is a decentralized protocol for trading options and this is its review.

12 Oct 2020 , 19:36 @
BTC trading

Bitcoin has left the triangle pattern as we expected and the resistance at $ 11K has been surpassed

What we assumed in our recent analysis came true to the fullest, and BTC has already left the recurring triangle pattern.

12 Oct 2020 , 11:23 @
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