• bitcoinBitcoin (BTC) $ 31,404.00 2.48%
  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 1,334.80 6.5%
  • litecoinLitecoin (LTC) $ 136.64 1.81%
  • moneroMonero (XMR) $ 135.79 2.8%
  • dashDash (DASH) $ 104.39 1.32%

High demand for Bitcoin mining causes collapse due to lack of production chips for mining rigs

Manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining machines report a shortage of chips, resulting in suspended production.

24 Jan 2021 , 19:47 @

In 2020, investors earned more with ETH than with BTC

If you invested in Ethereum in 2020, you valued your deposit better than with Bitcoin.

24 Jan 2021 , 12:32 @

Ethereum records the outflow of whales

The second most popular cryptocurrency records a 3-year low in the number of addresses holding 1K+ ETHs.

22 Jan 2021 , 19:15 @

US Treasury Secretary candidate J. Yellen sees potential in cryptocurrencies

The Finance Committee heard the nominee for Minister of Finance and did not forget about cryptocurrencies.

22 Jan 2021 , 15:41 @

Up to 83% of known altcoins from 2018 melt in 90% minus compared to ATH

Although there is currently a strong inflow of investment in cryptocurrency markets, the vast majority of altcoins is not affected.

21 Jan 2021 , 19:33 @

A Russian court overturned a decision to block Binance

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange can operate fully in the Russian Federation once again.

21 Jan 2021 , 12:42 @

The number of Bitcoin whales is growing rapidly in 2021

The bitcoin market currently has the largest number of whales, which own more than 1K BTC.

20 Jan 2021 , 19:00 @

Asia can be rightly called a Crypto Landscape

Recent statistics confirm that Asia controls several important areas and crypto markets.

20 Jan 2021 , 13:50 @

Deutsche Bank’s study claims that it is more likely that the price of Bitcoin will fall by half than rise

As many as 90% of respondents in the latest Deutsche Bank’s survey believe that Bitcoin is a bubble and the price will fall.

19 Jan 2021 , 19:32 @

AC Milan enters the crypto world and comes with its own ACM token

A popular Italian football club, AC Milan joins the sports crypto movement and presents the ACM token.

19 Jan 2021 , 11:55 @

NVIDIA is considering making graphics cards just for crypto mining

The most popular manufacturer of graphics cards, NVIDIA also deals with issues related to crypto mining.

18 Jan 2021 , 20:14 @

Bitcoin fails in the $ 40K range after several attempts

In the Bitcoin market, this currently looks like a preparation for another $ 40K attempt, but it won’t be easy.

18 Jan 2021 , 11:57 @

Miami plans to allow its citizens to pay city taxes in Bitcoin

The mayor of Miami wants to make this place the most advanced city in the country in terms of cryptocurrencies.

17 Jan 2021 , 20:45 @

Total Hash Rate in the Bitcoin network at a record high

The Bitcoin network increases the level of security, as evidenced by the achievement of the new ATH in the total hash rate.

17 Jan 2021 , 11:24 @

Russian economist A. Aksakov called Bitcoin a bubble that would burst over time

Russia’s head of the State Duma’s financial market committee called Bitcoin a bubble in a recent interview.

15 Jan 2021 , 20:07 @

Bitcoin futures open interest reaching new ATH

Interest in trading Bitcoin futures is growing every day, as evidenced by the new ATH.

15 Jan 2021 , 13:29 @

ETH has a strong HODL community, confirming the transfer of more than 1M ETH ($ 1.2 billion) to a cold wallet

According to the latest data, the number of ETHs held on crypto exchanges is at one of the lowest levels we have ever seen.

14 Jan 2021 , 18:13 @

The world’s largest digital currency asset manager cancels XRP investment product

Grayscale Investments responds to the SEC’s decision and cancels any activities related to investing in cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP).

14 Jan 2021 , 12:57 @

LocalBitcoins limits operations in the US and ceases operations in 13 states

The unfavorable regulatory environment by the SEC has other implications, this time concerning to the popular peer to peer Bitcoin marketplace.

13 Jan 2021 , 18:05 @

The leading Swiss stock exchange is listing the new Bitcoin ETP

The Backbone of the Swiss Financial Center, SIX welcomes ETC Group as new ETP issuer.

13 Jan 2021 , 12:20 @

HSBC, the largest bank in Europe, blocks crypto payments

Some banks are not enthusiastic about the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, as evidenced by the UK bank HSBC.

12 Jan 2021 , 19:16 @

PayPal cleared $ 242M in crypto trades in just one day

The Bull market is also confirmed by PayPal, which records high volumes of crypto trades.

12 Jan 2021 , 12:05 @

Bitcoin was stopped by support at $ 30K

The Bitcoin correction has already begun and BTC is losing more than $ 10K in a short time.

11 Jan 2021 , 19:28 @

Austria is satisfied with the results of the cryptocurrencies regulatory standards

Austria began tighter regulation of cryptocurrencies about a year ago, and the Financial Market Authority reports on the results.

11 Jan 2021 , 12:20 @

The DeFi market exploded in 2021

In 2021, there is an extremely high interest in decentralized finance such as digital assets, financial smart contracts, protocols, and DApps.

10 Jan 2021 , 13:49 @
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