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Largest Cryptocurrency exchange in India has a daily volume increase of more than 470%

Since India lifted the ban on virtual currency trading, there has been an enormous increase in trading volume and users.


9 Apr 2020 , 19:04 @

The French regulator goes against all and wants to limit Crypto assets in EU

The regulator even stated that the scope of crypto assets should be limited in EU and the targeted effort should be increased.


9 Apr 2020 , 11:53 @

Zoom Video Inc. is accused of concealing the truth about the shortcomings in the app’s encryption

The complaint was filed yesterday at the Federal Court in San Francisco, and concerns Zoom Video Communications Inc. and its top representatives.


8 Apr 2020 , 17:34 @

Robert Kiyosaki author of bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” recommends Bitcoin and criticizes Dollar

Robert Toru Kiyosaki, one of the world’s best known motivators and successful businessmen, is concerned about the behavior of the Fed.


8 Apr 2020 , 12:31 @

PhD. Hitoshi Matsushima wants to create a Digital Court built on Blockchain

PhD Hitoshi Matsushima began researching and studying Mechanism with blockchain enforcement last month, which he created with the idea of ​​applying this technology and creating a digital court.


7 Apr 2020 , 14:39 @

A new study shows that 2.3M BTC is not moving over the past 5 years, as well 6M in BCH

Coinmetrics reported an interesting study that refutes the true circulation of BTC and BCH. Currently, BTC circulation is generally accepted as 18.3 million, but in fact it looks a little different.


7 Apr 2020 , 11:34 @

Nestlé will show you the complete process of making your favorite coffee through tech IBM Blockchain

From now every consumer can scan the QR code on the packaging of their favorite coffee and follow the path of their coffee beans from the growing places until to the Swedish Zoégas factory.


6 Apr 2020 , 19:20 @

Revolution of Digital Currency coming, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic

The world has changed by 360 degrees in a few months. What we all experience was seen only in movies and was unimaginable for us.


6 Apr 2020 , 14:05 @

Will be BTC follow CME GAP or Bears will send him down?

What we saw the first week of April and what are the current visions on the BTC market?


5 Apr 2020 , 19:16 @
bmw blockchain

BMW announces PartChain – supply Blockchain, which will be used to monitor car parts

BMW came up this week’s with news regarding the use of Blockchain technology to track components in the international supply chain.


5 Apr 2020 , 11:42 @

The Most Important Cryptocurrency Events in April

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the most important events awaiting us this month like BCH Halving, BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop and more.


4 Apr 2020 , 14:17 @

Spain is intensifying Tax control for Cryptocurrency Traders and registering an enormous increase

The Spanish tax agency is intensifying tax controls and, among other things, has been focusing for the second year on taxpayers, who carry out cryptocurrency operations.


3 Apr 2020 , 18:11 @

South Africa comes with Blockchain application CoviID, will reward you for isolating

The application called CoviID is primarily intended for officials to trace all possible physical contacts of already infected people with other people.


3 Apr 2020 , 12:34 @

Binance supports Big Traders and launch the OTC Trading Portal

Binance today announced the launch of a new OTC Trading Portal, which will serve only large investors and traders. The minimum trade amount must be $ 10,000.


2 Apr 2020 , 17:54 @

Telegram will not can to distribute Gram Token to non-US investors

Telegram raised no objection to the form of the injunction and never cited the Morrison case. Since yesterday is Telegram’s application denied.


2 Apr 2020 , 13:47 @

Banque de France began to explore the Digital Euro

French bank released call for applications package called “CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY EXPERIMENTS WITH THE BANQUE DE FRANCE”


1 Apr 2020 , 20:48 @

The Funniest Crypto Situations you definitely know

Once you get into the crypto world, you will experience many fun moments, and we chose the funniest things, what each of us has already seen or experienced.


1 Apr 2020 , 14:24 @

China Merchants Port today signed a intelligent port project in Greater Bay area built on Blockchain

The main goal is to transform and modernize all areas, including customs proceedings, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for all companies in the Greater Bay region.


31 Mar 2020 , 19:05 @
usa digital dollar

Bad Economic Forecast, have already forced the US to thinking about use of the Digital US dollar

On March 22, we witnessed when spokeswoman of the House Nancy Pelosi proposed a law of the economic stimulus, in which she introduced a “digital dollar”.


31 Mar 2020 , 11:31 @

Microsoft patented a Cryptocurrency system based on body activity

Microsoft applied for a patent (WIPO), for a crypto system based on body activities last week at thursday.


30 Mar 2020 , 18:19 @

Vice-President of International Monetary Fund talks about the Benefits and Risks of digital currency

This article was based on a speech, we heard 28. February at the London School of Economics by Zhang Tao (The Vice-President of the International Monetary Fund).


30 Mar 2020 , 12:59 @

Bears are stronger and we haven’t passed $ 7,000 on BTC

The $ 7,000 threshold was very important to confirm the short-term uptrend and recovery of BTC after a strong dumpe in March.


29 Mar 2020 , 17:09 @
gram token

Telegram wants to distribute GRAM tokens to investors outside the US

Telegram again urges the court, who want to prohibit the distribution of tokens. The lawyers claim that the interim measures issued by judge Kevin Castel are limited to US-based buyers only.


28 Mar 2020 , 13:51 @

Blockchain technology in agrobusiness on the rise

The GrainChain Blockchain Platform for Agricultural Business announces plans to expand its business globally by moving to Symbiont Assembly’s new enterprise blockchain platform.


27 Mar 2020 , 20:16 @

KB’s largest Korean bank will launch service to store Cryptocurrency

As early as January 31 of this year, KB National Bank filed a trademark application with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for the “KBDAC” KB Digital Asset Custody.


27 Mar 2020 , 13:06 @
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