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John McAfee was officially indicted of participating in „Pump and Dump“ and money laundering from ICO

The founder of McAfee Anti-virus, John David McAfee faces about 100 years in prison for cryptocurrencies frauds.

7 Mar 2021 , 17:11 @

Ripple has been hurt only by the US as company activities continues to grow in the Asia

The CEO of Ripple revealed that the only one hindering activity of the company is the United States, as business in Asia-Pacific region continues to grow.

5 Mar 2021 , 20:43 @

Up to 54% of Goldman Sachs survey respondents believe that BTC will keep its price between $ 40K-$ 100K in 12 months

Goldman Sachs’s clients are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies, as evidenced by the results of a recent survey.

5 Mar 2021 , 13:00 @

The idea that Netflix is ​​investing in Bitcoin has caused tension and may start a second bull run

Currently, there are many hot topics in the world of crypto, but the most impulsive is the statement from a well-known investor that Netflix can soon invest in BTC.

4 Mar 2021 , 19:34 @

Blockchain industry has 17 billionaires, predominantly generated by crypto exchanges as Coinbase, FTX and Binance

This year is a significant year for the net addition of new crypto billionaires, led by Brian Armstrong, founder of Coinbase.

4 Mar 2021 , 11:54 @

DeFi TVL is back over $ 40B, dominated by Maker with more than $ 6B

After a recent correction, interest in the DeFi market has resumed, once again exceeding the psychological threshold of $ 40B.

3 Mar 2021 , 19:40 @

Recent rumors say PayPal is offering up to $ 500M to acquire crypto startup firm Curv

After PayPal decided to accept cryptocurrencies and started a global cryptocurrency campaign, it is considering acquiring crypto firm Curv.

3 Mar 2021 , 12:25 @

Total US Debt is more than 30 times larger than the BTC market cap

The Bitcoin market cap is only a small fraction compared to the total US debt.

2 Mar 2021 , 20:14 @

The Attorney General of New York warns residents against investing in cryptocurrencies

Letitia James, as NY’s attorney general, calls investing in cryptocurrencies an extreme risk that can cause devastating losses.

2 Mar 2021 , 11:57 @

Playstation 5 has been hacked to mining cryptocurrencies

A photo has appeared on the Internet confirming the successful launch of ETH mining on the Sony Playstation 5.

1 Mar 2021 , 19:22 @

Bitcoin has successfully validated the new support zone

After Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $ 58K, we saw a sharp correction that brought several new findings.

1 Mar 2021 , 12:42 @

CEO of Binance lightly criticized ETH for high fees and performance

Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, published some findings on why he no longer believes Ethereum as he once did.

28 Feb 2021 , 19:51 @

The lending market of cryptocurrencies increased sharply last year

According to the latest data, the total active collateral in the crypto lending markets increased by 1170% over the last five quarters.

28 Feb 2021 , 14:02 @

Hut 8 Mining HODL the most mined BTCs among publicly traded mining companies in the amount of 3,012 (≈ $ 150m)

The Canadian publicly traded bitcoin mining company, Hut 8 Mining, has published a report confirming that it holds the most mined BTCs among publicly traded mining companies.

26 Feb 2021 , 19:47 @

Dubai Crypto Fund FD7 Ventures Sells BTC worth $ 750M to increase ADA and DOT portfolio

Global Crypto Investment Fund FD7 Ventures, which has $ 1 Billion USD AUM, decided to get rid of Bitcoin in order to buy Cardano and Polkadot.

26 Feb 2021 , 13:34 @

NVIDIA expects to earn $ 50 million from CMP sales in the first quarter

NVIDIA reports record sales and with them an outlook for demand for CMP products for the next quarter.

25 Feb 2021 , 19:33 @

For the first time in history, the global crypto market is celebrating 100 million users

A recent study has revealed a major milestone, surpassing 100 million users in the global crypto market.

25 Feb 2021 , 12:39 @

The former CEO of the London Stock Exchange sees cryptocurrencies as an opportunity for the UK

Xavier Rolet, former CEO of the London Stock Exchange and current CEO of CQS, recommends that the British government take an interest in cryptocurrencies.

24 Feb 2021 , 19:34 @

Bitcoin futures volume and also CME ether futures volume have reached the new ATH

Yesterday was the most active day so far in terms of trading with BTC futures and CME ETH futures.

24 Feb 2021 , 12:23 @

A popular digital payment provider, Skrill is launching a fiat-to-crypto withdrawal service

Skrill announced today a new feature that allows users to withdraw their funds directly to cryptocurrency addresses.

23 Feb 2021 , 18:37 @

Covid-19 accelerated innovation in the Fintech area and Bitcoin is only an “economic side show,” says JPMorgan

JPMorgan analysts recommends forgetting Bitcoin, because the real story of Covid-19 is innovation in fintech and digitization.

23 Feb 2021 , 12:26 @

ETH transaction fees are currently extremely high, ERC20 ~ $ 45, Uniswap ~ $ 138

Ethereum loses more than 10% in 24 hours and transaction fees are rising rapidly.

22 Feb 2021 , 19:08 @

Overcoming $ 1 trillion in Bitcoin’s market cap is a bullish sign

After Bitcoin’s market cap last week exceeded $ 1 trillion, it looks like a revival of the bull season.

22 Feb 2021 , 13:51 @

Tesla has already earned $ 1 billion on BTC, which is more than from the sale of e-cars in 2020

A leader in the financial services industry, Wedbush has published a report claiming that Tesla has already made a profit of $ 1 billion from its Bitcoin investment.

21 Feb 2021 , 19:48 @

50% of Americans and 42% of Britons think cryptocurrencies are safe

A recent survey of UK and US residents showed that they were interested in cryptocurrencies.

21 Feb 2021 , 12:45 @
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