Bitfly reported another 51% attack on Ethereum Classic

Bitfly reported another 51% attack on Ethereum Classic
Ethereum Classic is under fire and records the third 51% attack in one month.

We just recently wrote to you about “Hacker table 807,260 ETC ($ 5.6 million) in 51% Attack” and here we have another attack. According to information from Bitfly, a company that operates private mining pools, there was a 51% attack yesterday and caused the reorganization of more than 7,000 blocks.

Ethereum Classic officials also responded to the Bitfly report, writing that the risk of an attack is mainly due to low hash rate levels.

ETC adds that solutions such as “reorg caps” and ECIPs are already being tested and exist.

The fact that Ethereum classic has already experienced its third 51% attack in one month may signal one fact, and that the attacker is well aware of the weaknesses of this network and uses them to his advantage.

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