BitGuild is launching blockchain game based on TRON network

BitGuild is launching blockchain game based on TRON network

Founder of TRON, Justin Sun announced on Twitter first blockchain game Magic Academy running on TRON network. Blockchain game will allow full ownership in-game assets, cheap trading, cros-game compatibility of items and currency. In Magic Academy you can freely trade all items among players.

TRON foundation stated:

BitGuild’s mission is to redefine the standard for how players interact with their games by facilitating true item ownership?—?You’re free to buy, sell, or trade game assets at your leisure! The days of digital locks on your cards and swords are over!”

Thanks to the blockchain technology gaming industry will open the doors to new type of game commerce, where gamers can use gained items from one game in another games or they can trade them on crypto exchanges, earning money for living or just for fun.


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