China Construction Bank has suspended the sale of $ 3 billion Bitcoin Bonds

China Construction Bank has suspended the sale of $ 3 billion Bitcoin Bonds
According to the latest information, CCB has suspended its plan and will not sell its bonds through the digital asset exchange.

We have only recently informed you about this big report, which has provoked many positive reactions, but it seems that one of the four largest banks in China changed its mind at the last minute.

The information this time came from Finance Magnates, where they refer to the statements of  Fusang, digital assets exchange, which mediated the sale of these digital bonds. The exchange was to receive an official letter from CCB Labuan canceling the deal on November 20.

Henry Chong, CEO of Fusang, also commented on the situation:

The bank did not give a reason for the suspension, we are disappointed that this Listing has been suspended, there were no legal, regulatory, operational, or technical issues with the FUSANG platform or the IPO process or filing.

As for the bank itself, it has so far refused to provide any information as to why it has decided to suspend the sale of $ 3 billion Bitcoin bonds. Nevertheless, Fusang has a new goal for the future and that will eventually be able to work with CCB.

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