Daily activity of TRON wallets increased by 83% in August

Daily activity of TRON wallets increased by 83% in August
TRON is experiencing a successful period, surpassing 100,000 active daily wallets in August and increasing activity by 83%.

The report provided by DappRadar points to an increased interest in TRON dapps, which has manifested itself in several ways. The first indicator that recorded an increase is the daily activity of wallets, which increased by 83% in August. In numbers, TRON managed to overcome the historical maximum when recorded more than 100,000 active wallets.

The largest category in the TRON network has always been Gambling, which is currently being replaced by the High-Risk category. As for specific dapps, the greatest interest was in Tron Supernode and TRONCHAIN, which were to generate around 10,000 – 6,000 daily active wallets in August.

Growth was also recorded in the volume of transactions and in august exceeded $ 150 million.

The High-Risk category itself literally exploded when it rose enormously in July and August.

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