Decentralised Exchanges: 2018

Decentralised Exchanges: 2018

Crypto-currencies and decentralized technologies are booming. The numbers speak for themselves?—?market capitalization have gone through the roof, transaction volume has skyrocketed, and adoption from individuals, corporations, and governments has reached a global scale.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we are moving toward a trustless economy, with no need of third parties to exchange goods. Yet today’s digital currency exchanges are centralized. They have proven to be vulnerable to hacks, to react poorly to unusual blockchain events like hard forks, and often run with a high regulatory risk. Centralized exchanges keep their systems off-chain, meaning they operate as escrows for their clients, and transactions are not recorded on the blockchain. This leads to massive breaches of security and unsafe storage of information, funds, and private keys.

Trading comes with risks, but traders should not face any other risks than those they are already willing to take.

Blockchain entrepreneurs understand this, and some of them are working hard on what many believe will be the future of trading: decentralized exchanges.

Read more on this in a really informative article in the link below:


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