FCA UK informs that the crypto is becoming popular and is no longer considered as a gamble

The financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom has carried out extensive research, which confirms the increased interest in cryptocurrencies.

FCA UK informs that the crypto is becoming popular and is no longer considered as a gamble

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently published the results of its "Cryptoasset consumer research 2021", which will surely please all of us and therefore crypto enthusiasts.

Right at the beginning, the UK financial regulator acknowledges that the crypto industry is recording increased interest from the public as well as the media themselves, mainly due to the wider involvement of financial companies as well as major institutions.

The FCA specifically mentions the continuing interest from the government as well as the Bank of England and payment system regulators, also thanks to the newly created UK Cryptoasset Taskforce.

Let's look at specific statistics:

  • Awareness of cryptocurrencies has increased, confirming 78% of adults who have heard of cryptocurrencies
  • The number of populations that own cryptocurrency has increased to 2.3 million, an increase from 3.9% to 4.4% of adults
  • The median holding has risen from £ 260 to £ 300
  • Consumers increase confidence in cryptocurrencies and no longer take it as a gamble
    -This is confirmed by statistics tracking how many users consider crypto to be a gamble, which shows a decrease from 47% to 38%, which means that more and more respondents consider it an alternative to ordinary investments.

Finally, it is also necessary to note one important finding from research. About half of cryptocurrency users plan to buy more in the future on the grounds that they can make money on this investment at some point.

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