• bitcoinBitcoin (BTC) $ 31,404.00 2.48%
  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 1,334.80 6.5%
  • litecoinLitecoin (LTC) $ 136.64 1.81%
  • moneroMonero (XMR) $ 135.79 2.8%
  • dashDash (DASH) $ 104.39 1.32%

Bitcoin surpassed $ 40K and crypto exchanges announce the highest average trading volume in history

Recent statistics show that the 7-day average BTC volume on crypto exchanges is above $ 10 B for the first time.

8 Jan 2021 , 18:31 @

Bithumb has agreed to sell a 65% stake for nearly $ 500 million

Video game publisher, Nexon buys more than half of the largest crypto exchange in Korea.

8 Jan 2021 , 12:50 @

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is giving the green light to a cryptocurrencies services firm

The leading global digital assets services firm, Bequant has obtained a license from MFSA.

7 Jan 2021 , 15:01 @

Bitcoin miners current revenue is $ 33 million per day

The revenue of Bitcoin miners is constantly rising, as confirmed by the latest statistics.

6 Jan 2021 , 19:15 @

Ripple is facing another lawsuit this time by a British investment company

Tetragon Financial Group Ltd., filed a complaint against Ripple this week, demanding a reverse redeem of shares.

6 Jan 2021 , 12:45 @

Sweden fears that the digital e-krona could undermine financial stability

Despite the fact that an e-krona pilot project has already taken place in Sweden, some doubts are emerging on the part of bankers.

5 Jan 2021 , 20:14 @

The US control office authorizes national banks to use stablecoins

US National Bank and federal savings association authorities may use stablecoins for payment activities.

5 Jan 2021 , 14:00 @

The DeFi market is growing along with Ethereum, which reached $ 1K today

Today is marked by DeFi when the total value locked exceeded $ 17B and ETH reached $ 1K.

4 Jan 2021 , 20:10 @

Bitcoin bulls will want to keep $ 30K but it won’t be easy

Bitcoin is currently still above $ 30K and everyone expects a slight cooling of the market.

4 Jan 2021 , 12:07 @

Exactly ten years ago, BTC was worth $ 0.29

Today, it is ten years since the beginnings of the bitcoin network and the moment when Bitcoin began to be talked about.

3 Jan 2021 , 20:26 @

Ethereum today exceeded $ 800 and increased its value by 525% during the year

In addition to Bitcoin, the second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is also extremely successful and is rising sharply.


3 Jan 2021 , 13:02 @

Binance US, Coinbase and EToro US will soon suspend trading in XRP

The SEC lawsuit against Ripple has serious consequences, and the largest crypto exchanges have decided to suspend trading in XRP.

1 Jan 2021 , 21:05 @

CEO at Coinbase urges people to fight new crypto regulations from the U.S. Department of Treasury

Brian Armstrong has published a public blog where he advises people to express their concerns about the new crypto regulation.

1 Jan 2021 , 14:57 @

Serbia is becoming another country that is legalizing cryptocurrencies

The Serbian government is improving the environment for the cryptocurrency industry, as evidenced by the latest law that has entered into force these days.

31 Dec 2020 , 14:41 @
india crypto bank

India is in favor of cryptocurrencies and opens the world’s first physical crypto bank

With crypto regulations approaching, the world’s first physical crypto banking branch is opening in Jaipur, India.

30 Dec 2020 , 18:01 @

In 2020, Public companies purchased 1,151,618 BTCs and the price reaches the new ATH

2020 is a revolutionary year that has begun the massive institutional adoption of Bitcoin.

30 Dec 2020 , 11:23 @
bitcoin mining

Bitcoin miners make huge profits of $ 1,000,000 per hour

The latest statistics show that, in addition to Bitcoin investors, the miners themselves are most likely satisfied.

29 Dec 2020 , 18:33 @

India wants to tax cryptocurrencies at 18% and increase the government budget

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs in India has recently received a proposal classifying the taxation of cryptocurrencies.

29 Dec 2020 , 13:23 @

Merry Christmas to all CCNEWS24 readers

On behalf of the entire CCNEWS24 team, we can say that our hope for the future is our readers and that is why we wish you a Merry Christmas and only the best for the New Year!!!

23 Dec 2020 , 19:33 @
Ripple crash

XRP is experiencing its worst period, a lawsuit from the SEC and a loss of value of almost 40%

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Ripple, faces a lawsuit for unregistered sale of securities.

23 Dec 2020 , 18:22 @
Russia crypto regulations

Russian economist, A. Aksakov expects many big companies to release their own stablecoins next year

From January 2021, a new law on digital financial assets will come into force in Russia, which brings a more favorable environment for crypto businesses.

23 Dec 2020 , 13:04 @
Bitcoin news

Famous global macro investors are currently interested in Bitcoin, says CEO of Pantera Capital

Today CNBC interviewed Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, who commented on the current situation at Bitcoin.

22 Dec 2020 , 19:37 @
SkyBridge Bitcoin fund

SkyBridge Capital, a New York investment company is launching a Bitcoin Fund

The company, which is focused on establishing hedge funds, has recently applied for registration of the Bitcoin Fund.

22 Dec 2020 , 12:40 @

MicroStrategy believes Bitcoin will continue to grow and buys 29,646 BTCs for approximately $ 650M at current prices

The third largest crypto investment company announced today another gigantic $ 650M purchase of Bitcoins.

21 Dec 2020 , 19:59 @
Bitcoin price

Bitcoin is currently looking for a new key support zone

In the Bitcoin market, this currently looks uncertain, as valid support is still not verified above $ 20K.

21 Dec 2020 , 12:43 @
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