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Robert Kiyosaki continues to support BTC and predicts a price of $ 75,000 in 3 years

Robert Toru Kiyosaki, one of the world’s best known motivators and successful businessmen, spoke again about the current situation.


17 May 2020 , 11:42 @

Samsung Galaxy A Quantum built on quantum-crypto technology was officialy launched in South Korea

Samsung and SK Telecom have introduced a new Galaxy A Quantum smartphone. It is the first phone in the world to have a quantum random number generator (QRNG) chipset.


15 May 2020 , 16:09 @

Russian Ak Bars Bank has joined the Blockchain platform of the Federal Tax Service of Russia

The service to which Ak Bars Bank has joined concerns an interest-free lending scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in coronavirus-affected sectors.


15 May 2020 , 11:25 @

Bitcoin fees are the highest since last summer, the average cost to send is around $ 2.50

Bitcoin is increasing its fees after ‘HALVING‘, and they are currently the highest since last summer when we experienced the highest demand and BTC prices in 2019.


14 May 2020 , 18:20 @

Reddit, as the largest online forum, has launched a beta test of two Tokens

According to current reports, the largest online forum, Reddit, has launched a beta test for two tokens that are created on the ethereum network called ‘MOONS‘ and ‘BRICKS‘.


14 May 2020 , 12:07 @

Stable coins market capitalization has grown to more than $ 10B, almost doubled since March

Data provided by Coin Metrics confirms a rapid increase in the capitalization of stable coins since the bloody dump in March this year.


13 May 2020 , 15:36 @

Blockchain platform nanopay expands into Brazil

The nanopay platform uses hybrid blockchain technology, which uses the best features of this technology and combines them with conventional databases.


13 May 2020 , 12:54 @

Paul Tudor Jones American billionaire and hedge fund manager, has almost 2% of its assets in BTC

In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Paul Tudor Jones said that almost 2% of his assets are stored in Bitcoin, but its a great speculation.


12 May 2020 , 16:07 @

ErisX exchange is the first to trade with Ether Futures Contracts

From now, all investors have access to physically delivered futures contracts based on ETH-USD, with monthly or quarterly expirations.


12 May 2020 , 13:32 @

The long-awaited Bitcoin Halving is here, but be careful on the market

In an hour and a few minutes, BTC will officially have the third ’Halving’ behind it, which will again reduces rewards.


11 May 2020 , 18:54 @

Bitcoin have best performance from asset classes in 2019-2020

Most importantly is that Bitcoin defended its position with a decent lead also in 2020, when in 2019 it had an incredible value up to 92.2%.


11 May 2020 , 12:06 @

Zecwallet soon in the Android and iOS app stores

The new wallet will use much of the code from the lite wallet used for desktops and will have full support for Sapling and Transparent addresses, and other features that are accessible to PCs.


10 May 2020 , 18:42 @

ETH 2.0 is a few months before the official start, and Phase 0 is the most important for development

After the Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020, which took place a few days ago, we have clearer information about Ethereum 2.0 again and its development.


10 May 2020 , 12:51 @

Be careful, Google Chrome in April removed 49 malicious extensions related to Cryptocurrency wallets

According to an official report released by Naked Security, Google has removed 49 malicious extensions to the Chrome Web Store in April,


9 May 2020 , 11:34 @

Libra has a new CEO – Stuart Levey was Under Secretary during the Bush and Obama administration

Yesterday, Libra Association announced on its official website a pleasing announcement regarding the appointment of a new first CEO.


8 May 2020 , 16:04 @

University of Cambridge comes with a map, that tracks the countries and distribution of BTC hashrate

This tool monitors countries and visualizes the geographical distribution of global Bitcoin hashrate.


7 May 2020 , 19:10 @

BTC active entities record the highest numbers since ’Bull Run’ 2017, CME ’Open Interest’ has ATH

The cryptocurrency markets are experiencing good times again, and the following facts confirm this, data was obtained from analyzes by Glassnode, Arcane Research and Skew.


7 May 2020 , 12:39 @

Only 9 whales control 28.89% of the Tether (USDT) Circulating Supply, 115 whales control up to 56% (USDT)

The statistics are based on the addresses of whales and investors, taking into account what percentage of the circulating supply they own.


6 May 2020 , 17:45 @

Madrid launches Blockchain project to buy public transport tickets

The capital city of Spain is looking for mobility solutions and comes up with the Blockchain application, which allows you to purchase tickets for public transport.


6 May 2020 , 11:48 @

Ukraine is exploring the possibility of Cryptocurrency mining, at the nuclear power plants

The new Minister of Energy, O. Buslavets signs an order for the state-owned company Energoatom, to launch research on cryptocurrencies mining in nuclear power plants, which will last until 8 May.


5 May 2020 , 17:02 @

Ripple faces a lawsuit for violating sales and marketing safety laws

Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court alleging that Ripple deliberately manipulated and misled investors and sold XRP in violation of federal law.


5 May 2020 , 11:13 @

Bitcoin wants to touch $ 10,000 before the Halving

Bitcoin aimed it really high last week and the bulls confirmed their strength and position. We are currently trading in the 312-day consolidation phase, which means growth in the medium to long term.


4 May 2020 , 18:40 @

Iran has licensed for the first time a BTC mining farm with 6,000 machines

Afrand Sheid Mehr, which owns the iMiner brand, has officially become the first company to enter the Iranian market, where it recently obtained a license.


4 May 2020 , 11:35 @

Cardano has completed the First successful tests of the fully decentralized Shelley network

Cardano informs in the latest status update about the first tests of the fully decentralized Shelley network.


3 May 2020 , 15:02 @

Stellar (XLM) deploys transaction tracking security system ‘Elliptic‘

The Stellar Development Foundation has announced an exclusive partnership with Elliptic, a major provider of crypto asset risk management services.


3 May 2020 , 10:52 @
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