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  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 379.51 1.07%
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Cryptocurrency news

Exchange Inflow (1d MA) of Basic Attention Token (BAT) fell by 52% this year

Recent statistics show a significant decrease in the exchange inflow of cryptocurrency BAT as well as other indicators.

4 Oct 2020 , 11:04 @
cryptocurrency news

The Digital Euro should be an efficient way to achieve the Eurosystem’s goals, according to the ECB

The European Central Bank has issued an extensive 50-page report on a digital Euro.

2 Oct 2020 , 15:26 @
Crypto News

The CFTC is suing BitMEX for illegally operating a Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has filed a lawsuit against five entities and three individuals operating the BitMEX trading platform.

1 Oct 2020 , 19:08 @
Cryptocurrency news

Australia is investing almost $ 800 million in Digital Technologies

Australia has recently announced a new digital business plan aimed at the country’s economic recovery.

1 Oct 2020 , 11:21 @
crypto news

Total value locked in DeFi exceeds $ 11B (NEW ATH)

After a short exhalation, DeFi is growing again, reaching another significant milestone by exceeding $ 11B in TVL.

30 Sep 2020 , 18:54 @
ethereum news

Ethereum 2.0 will have to handle another testnet called Zinken

Lead developer Ethereum reports that Spadin’s testnet did not go as expected and at the same time they want to run one more.


30 Sep 2020 , 13:19 @
crypto trading

The Bulls have managed the Bears attacks in September and are ready to increase the price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin traders have been in the same price range for 20 days and are most likely to leave it soon.

29 Sep 2020 , 16:25 @
Core Group Ting

The Biggest Peer to Peer Borderless Blockchain Education Initiative in the World

MMUN has partnered with Core Group, Ting, Core Blockchain Network and Luna Mesh to provide to more than 23000 schools in more than 70 countries a first world tertiary education through the YouthConnect!

28 Sep 2020 , 19:53 @
cryptocurrency news

Interest in Litecoin is declining, confirmed by the latest statistics

Litecoin, also nicknamed the “Bitcoin brother”, achieved ATL on two monitored indicators.

28 Sep 2020 , 12:16 @
bitcoin news

The Bitcoin market is only 2% of the Gold market, which represents a multiple opportunity for expansion

Galaxy Digital, as one of the best-known investment companies in the field of digital assets, points to the untapped growth potential of cryptocurrencies.

27 Sep 2020 , 11:51 @
Cryptocurrency news

On average, up to 39% of proof-of-work mining is powered by renewable energy

According to the latest survey from the University of Cambridge, proof-of-work miners use mainly hydroelectric energy.

25 Sep 2020 , 19:09 @
crypto news

Russia included Binance on the Blacklist and began a fight with the most popular crypto exchange

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Russia was included in the register of banned domains.

25 Sep 2020 , 11:35 @
cryptocurrency news

Israel wants to recognize Bitcoin as a currency

The Government of Israel is working on a new bill to change Bitcoin’s status from asset to currency.

24 Sep 2020 , 20:00 @
Crypto News

U.S. legislation proposes that every citizen have an Fed account in which they can store Digital Dollars

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland commented on the digital dollar as a part of the 20th anniversary of the Chicago Payments Symposium.

24 Sep 2020 , 13:31 @
Crypto News

First Deputy Prime Minister ranked Blockchain as one of Russia’s priorities

In today’s speech to the Federation Council, A. Belousov stated that blockchain is one of the priority technologies for the coming years.

23 Sep 2020 , 18:08 @

Panxora launches DeFi Hedge Fund to generate profits from this fast-growing market

Licensed fund manager, Panxora Group announced this week that the company will soon launch the DeFi Hedge Fund.

23 Sep 2020 , 11:28 @
btc hash rate

Bitcoin Hash Rate at its peak (ATH), probably due to the policies of Iran and Kazakhstan

Mining Hash Rate, a key security metric of the Bitcoin network, is growing enormously, increasing resistance to attacks.

22 Sep 2020 , 19:39 @
u.s. stablecoins

U.S. National Banks can now hold deposits as reserves for certain stablecoins

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has recently published a letter allowing national banks to engage in stablecoin activities.

22 Sep 2020 , 13:00 @
iran crypto mining

Some Iranian power plants want to offer excess electricity exclusively for cryptocurrency miners

Iran’s energy authorities are experiencing enormous pressure on the electricity grid from cryptocurrency miners and have had to come up with a new solution.

21 Sep 2020 , 19:48 @
Bitcoin Trading

Big players can shoot Bitcoin to the stars soon

For the last seven days, Bitcoin has been accompanied by great news, and this may soon be reflected in the price.

21 Sep 2020 , 09:03 @
india blockchain

Indian state of Tamil Nadu becomes the first in the country to introduce an ethical policy of AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity

Tamil Nadu as one of the 28 states of India presents three policies that will use Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology.

20 Sep 2020 , 18:51 @
The Norwegian Government Pension Fund owns Bitcoin

The Norwegian Oil Fund now owns hundreds of Bitcoins

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund owns almost 600 Bitcoins thanks to its investment holdings.

20 Sep 2020 , 10:52 @
Bakkt bitcoin futures

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Daily Volume exceeded $ 200 Million (New ATH)

Yesterday, Bakkt recorded the highest numbers in the daily trading volume of Bitcoin Futures.

18 Sep 2020 , 20:08 @
bitcoin news

Bitcoin and Ethereum Rewrite History in Several Ways

Mean transaction volume on Bitcoin reached 1-Year High, Ethereum daily transactions at All-Time High and Miners revenues at 5-Year High.

18 Sep 2020 , 12:21 @
Bitcoin mining

Micro BT will release Bitcoin Mining Machine, which has the parameters to overcome Bitmain S19

The behind-the-scenes information provided by the Chinese reporter reveals Micro BT latest plans.

17 Sep 2020 , 19:20 @
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