Pantera Capital recommends #BuyBitcoin and disagrees with the Fed

Pantera Capital recommends #BuyBitcoin and disagrees with the Fed
Pantera Capital recognizes that cryptocurrencies are among the most powerful assets, and the value of paper money will be destroyed by unlimited printing of money.

The latest report from Pantera Capital expresses a clear disagreement with the Fed’s strategy, which seeks a 2% inflation rate. The Fed therefore agrees to print money until it reaches this inflation rate. It may be just a number so far, but it can have a much deeper impact later and probably each of us agrees with the attitude of Panther C.

What happens to the value of paper money when the Fed prints as much as it needs?

Yes you answered correctly = no value, because you will need more and more paper money to buy your favorite goods.

In August, the annual inflation rate in the US was 1.3% and increased by 0.3% compared to July, which means that it exceeded the forecasts, which were at the level of 1.2%. Currently, this is the highest rate since March this year.

You probably already know where this is all going and what assets are the real holders of value at this time.

Here again, the simple formula FIXED SUPPLY = CERTAINTY OF VALUE

Pantera Capital has also published its own chart in which you can see that cryptocurrencies have surpassed all other asset classes:

The company also expressed its opinion on the king of cryptocurrencies “Bitcoin” and his price cycle logarithmic chart since 2010, which is less scary, according to P.C..

Pantera C. has a clear view of the financial markets and firmly believes that we are in the early stages of a large cryptocurrency bull market.

What do you think about the current situation, the Fed’s strategies and Panter C.’s view that we are at the beginning of the Cryptocurrency Bull Market?
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