The most feared Mafia in Europe used Wirecard to launder money

The most feared Mafia in Europe used Wirecard to launder money

Wirecard has made it possible to process payments for Maltese casino, that laundered money for Ndrangheta, one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Europe.

Specifically, it was a company CenturionBet, which owns a casino in Malta, which was later found to be used for money laundering by a criminal organization, Ndrangheta. The information was confirmed by Italian legal sources, which deal with the case and confirmed that until 2017, Wirecard was processing these illegal payments.

Italian courts stated, that criminals used the company to sophisticatedly move cash out of the country. Maltese authorities began action immediately after the case rolled over and suspended the casino’s gambling license. Subsequently, up to 68 people were arrested and so far more than 30 people have been convicted.

Ndrangheta is the Calabrian mafia and is one of the strongest criminal groups in Europe, involved in the global cocaine trade, extortion or even the supply of weapons to terrorist units

The Financial Times, as well as our editorial office, ponders how it is possible that a German company that once named itself a pioneer of European fintech could have committed such a misstep and did not detect in time the money laundering of one of the most dangerous organizations in the world.

Wirecard refuses to comment these case.

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