50% of Americans and 42% of Britons think cryptocurrencies are safe

50% of Americans and 42% of Britons think cryptocurrencies are safe
A recent survey of UK and US residents showed that they were interested in cryptocurrencies.

In recent days, Piplsay has conducted two surveys on cryptocurrencies among people in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The results of the surveys were more than positive when the Americans answered the following question “Do you think Cryptocurrency is safe?” as follows:

As you can see up to 50% voted yes, 28% not sure and 22% no.

As for the British, they were a little more skeptical, but the result was still surprisingly positive:

42% voted yes, 27% not sure and 31% no.

A very interesting finding was also the attitude of bidders to whether they think that cryptocurrencies are a more risky investment than the stock market.

Among Americans, it was voted the most (41%) that investing in both markets are risky equally.

The Britons considered cryptocurrencies to be a riskier investment when 45% voted for it, but in the answer “both equally” 41% voted the same as the US.

The surveys involved 30,330 Americans and 6,070 Britons.

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