AirAsia launches Freightchain for transparent air cargo tracking

AirAsia launches Freightchain for transparent air cargo tracking

This week, AirAsia Group Bhd’s logistics announced a major innovation regarding a new digital network based on Blockchain technology. The digital network is built to transparently confirm and track air cargo.

All carriers and freight forwarders can book any of the company’s 247 aircraft using Freigtchain, from now on without time-consuming operations. The system is designed to track all quotes, sales and automatically interconnects all network delivery chains.

One of the advantages is also the direct connection with the company and the avoidance of fees from the agencies, from now digital connections will ensure the booking of cargo space for your costs, and you can also watch everything in real time.

We deliberately launched Freightchain during this period of uncertainty within global supply chains, caused by the coronavirus pandemic,
Agile software platforms like Freightchain help to connect uneven supply and demand amidst a rapidly evolving environment. Trust and transparency are needed now more than ever.” said Freightchain Chief Technology Officer, Vishal Batra.

Source: siliconANGLE

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