American traders are most interested in Bitcoin and Tesla

American traders are most interested in Bitcoin and Tesla

One of the most popular platforms for traders has found that the most viewed assets in America are Bitcoin and Tesla.

As part of this research, Tradingview platform focused on America and the popularity of specific assets. The findings shows that during July, the most watched assets were Tesla stock, which controlled up to 31 states, immediately followed by the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Tesla’s stock has recorded an almost threefold increase in price since the beginning of the year, and Bitcoin has risen by up to 60% year-to-date .

If we look at the minimum price of BTC this year, which was $ 3,782 (binance) in March and the maximum from the beginning of August $ 12,123, it is a 220.5% increase.

According to statistics, America is divided as follows:

  • South East states favors Forex
  • West Coast states of California, Washington and Oregon are proponents of Bitcoin

West Coast loves Cryptocurrency the most

One of the interesting findings is, for example, the company Apple, which failed to be the most viewed assets in any state.

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