Will be Bitcoin Rocket like in 2016 after third halving in May 2020 ?

Will be Bitcoin Rocket like in 2016 after third halving in May 2020 ?

The whole crypto world is in anticipation of a third halving of the bitcoin which is estimated at 24/25 May 2020.

What is halving can be found in the previous article.

Let’s look at the second halving and how it affected the price:

  • The second halving took place in July 2016.
  • Bitcoin was worth about $ 600- $ 700.
  • After the new year 2017 bitcoin started to rise consistently and at the end of the year we saw the biggest bull run in btc history.
  • The price of the BTC rose 33x the price before and during the second halving.

Third halving and facts?

  • Compared to 2016, bitcoin is worth $ 10,300 and Market Cap 186,500,676,160 at the time of writing this article.
  • Crypto communities are incomparable larger and perhaps there is no person who doesn’t know what bitcoin is.
  • The world’s largest economies such as China / Japan are working on their own digital currencies.
  • The largest social network Facebook publishes its digital currency Libra.
  • The interest of investors and large companies in blockchain is constantly increasing.

After considering all the facts, we can expect the price of Bitcoin to rise and surpass the previous ATH in the following year.


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