NOIA is the future of internet?

NOIA is the future of internet?

What is NOIA?

NOIA started as a Decentralized Distributed P2P Content Delivery Network (CDN) startup. It secured funding from institutional investors, assembled a team of world-class engineers, experts and advisors and delivered first of its kind Open Source technology – NOIA Cache.

Following that NOIA introduced the concept of Programmable Internet. NOIA combined Segment Routing protocol, Distributed Ledger Technology and built the proof of concept (PoC).

NOIA is releasing its digital commodity token in mid-2019 to allow infrastructure providers and buyers to trade their capacity of Internet Transit in a Decentralized Internet Transit Exchange (DITEX).

NOIA want be The Next Generation of Internet

Adoption and technological advancement of SR and IPv6 combined forms a technological basis to reach wanted accessibility for independently operated networks.

  • Hardware standardization allows private
    network features on a public Internet
  • Access to independently operated networks (ASN’s)
  • Common set of Internet routing rules
  • Merging control plane into data plane
  • NOIA digital commodity token

NOIA token

  • Is used for services and applications built on the Programmable Internet backbone. It represents a unit of transport within the network.
  • Token supply: 1,000,000,000


For companies

Companies can use Programmable Internet backbone as a service and pay for the traffic used.

  • NOIA Cache
  • SDN
  • Smart routing
  • Future applications built on NOIA Network

For people

Introducing ability to speed up your own internet by connecting through the Programmable Internet backbone.

  • Stable connection
  • Static latency
  • Higher FPS (gaming & streaming)
  • Future applications built on NOIA Network

NOIA Token Release Schedule for 2020

Source: NOIA


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