Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Daily Volume exceeded $ 200 Million (New ATH)

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Daily Volume exceeded $ 200 Million (New ATH)
Yesterday, Bakkt recorded the highest numbers in the daily trading volume of Bitcoin Futures.

A global regulated ecosystem for digital assets providing trading in Bitcoin Futures exceeded $ 200 Million for the first time yesterday in the daily volume. According to the information provided by Bakkt Volume Bot, 18718 contracts worth $ 207.54 million were traded yesterday, meaning the new ATH. As for open interest, it was $ 9.26 million.

However, according to the chart, which monitors the monthly periodicity, we can see significant fluctuations when, for example, on September 9, the daily volume was at the level of $ 38M and in less than 10 days it already exceeded $ 200M (+ 446%).

The cause of such rapid changes in the daily trading volume is the fact, that many large investment companies are currently entering the market.

These companies can thus significantly influence the behavior of the market, and Bakkt may be the best place for them, because it primarily serves institutional investors who are looking for a regulated market with real price transparency.

Let’s not forget that just this week we witnessed one big company, namely MicroStrategy, which made another investment and bought 6,796 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $ 175 million. To date, MicroStrategy Inc. has already invested $ 425 million in bitcoin, as we informed in one of the previous articles.

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