Bitcoin and Ethereum Rewrite History in Several Ways

Bitcoin and Ethereum Rewrite History in Several Ways
Mean transaction volume on Bitcoin reached 1-Year High, Ethereum daily transactions at All-Time High and Miners revenues at 5-Year High.

Today is a truly special day for Bitcoin and Ethereum, rewriting the history of the two most popular cryptocurrencies several times.

Bitcoin showed it to everyone again and confirmed that it is one of the most used cryptocurrencies and certainly does not die. This is confirmed by the “Mean Transaction Volume”, which just reached a 1-year high of 13,340 BTC.

Bitcoin thus exceeded the previous maximum of 13,161 BTC, which it recorded on September 11.

But let’s also look at Ethereum, which has reached the all-time high in daily transactions.

You can see in the graph that up to 1,406,016 transactions were made on the Ethereum network yesterday, September 17, thus entering the new ATH in the graph. The previous maximum was on January 4, 2018, when 1,349,890 transactions per day were made.

Ethereum miners also have reason to rejoice, achieving the best results in the last 5 years. The revenues reached a new 5-year high of 2,275,790 ETH.

They managed to overcome the previous maximum of 2,273,540 ETH from 2 September 2020 with a small lead.

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