Binance Card is coming to Europe and United Kingdom

Binance Card is coming to Europe and United Kingdom

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, brings its payment card to Europe and United Kingdom.

The company emphasizes on the official blog that the Binance card is not like most crypto cards, and works more like your traditional debit card. All this is made possible thanks to the Swipe platform, which allows you to keep cryptocurrency funds in their original form until you make a transaction at the point of sale.

Binance card allows you to convert and spend your BTC, BNB, SXP, and BUSD to fiat at over 60 million merchants across 200 regions and territories worldwide

Users will be able to recharge the card directly from their Binance Spot Wallet.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said:

By providing a tangible way to transact, convert, and spend crypto for everyday use, we are furthering our mission of making crypto more accessible to the masses. Giving users the ability to convert and spend their crypto directly with merchants around the world, will make the crypto experience more seamless and applicable,

We are looking forward to making the Binance Card available to users in other regions, as well as introducing new features to enhance the Binance Card experience through our partnership with Swipe

Binance’s Director of European Growth Josh Goodbody said:

We see this product as a critical component within our ecosystem of services.

Binance is on a journey to create an open digital financial ecosystem for everyone, banked or unbanked.

Those interested from Europe will be able to apply for the Binance card from this August, and shortly afterwards it will also be available in the United Kingdom.

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