Ontology has become an official partner of Google Cloud

Ontology has become an official partner of Google Cloud

Google Cloud has accepted three projects from the Ontology into its ecosystem, informs The Ontology Team.

As part of the new collaboration, Ontology’s development team will gain unique access to cutting-edge tools and technologies. All in combination and with the support of the wider Google Cloud Partner ecosystem.

Three projects that have been accepted into the Google Cloud ecosystem outline new and innovative ways to integrate Google’s cloud computing services.

Andy Ji, Co-founder of Ontology said:

Collaborating with Google Cloud offers us the opportunity to demonstrate the real-world business value of integrating blockchain technology with other technological disciplines such as cloud computing, which is a vital step in bringing blockchain to mainstream use. Ontology’s contribution to a leading global project run by Google is yet another high-profile validation of our technological acumen and broad industry experience. We can’t wait to get started.

Ontology will improve the full utilization of Google Cloud in these three projects:

  • Ontology’s solution for OGQ, a leading global social creator platform for connecting content creators with fans, to protect content copyright ownership based on Google Cloud’s infrastructure
  • Ontology’s tech support for Kaiyun, a comprehensive logistics service provider focusing on urban transportation and terminal-end deliveries, to accelerate the formation of a more efficient and easy-to-use transport capacity model utilizing Ontology and Google Cloud
  • Ontology’s Dangerous-Goods-Delivery solution for LANXESS, a German specialty chemicals company, integrating Google Cloud Platform benefits, blockchain technology, and IoT technology

Ontology see this partnership as a next milestone, because they can continue to integrate their technology with other mainstream disciplines.

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