Google Cloud — New Tezos Network Validator

Tezos nodes will be easier for customers to deploy with the help of tech giants, to develop the Web3 applications on the network.

Google Cloud — New Tezos Network Validator

Google Cloud is to become the validator on the Tezos network, thus the customers will be able to deploy Tezos nodes much easier. Nodes are types of computers that run the blockchain’s software to validate and store the transaction data on the network. They allow the development of Web3 applications on the network.

Tezos integration will be one of Google Cloud’s latest blockchain network integrations. The platform began as a node-hosting service for Ethereum projects last October, after which it became a validator on Solana.

Such interest of tech giants to begin integration with Web3 projects and blockchain technology could inspire other companies to move toward this industry. Additionally, they will have a simpler adaptation to the ecosystem, primarily due to infrastructure being provided by large tech companies like Google.

While the digital asset industry bears its risks such as account hackers or miner hackers, as well as scammers, factors that are already known to Google Cloud. Therefore, they are already aware of the risks and issues which can come, thus hopefully they will provide enough security to prevent these accidents.

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