The Biggest Peer to Peer Borderless Blockchain Education Initiative in the World

Montessori Model United Nations has partnered with Core Group, Ting, Core Blockchain Network and Luna Mesh to provide to more than 23000 schools in more than 70 countries a first world tertiary education through the MMUN YouthConnect! Brother & Sister Schools Program

The Biggest Peer to Peer Borderless Blockchain Education Initiative in the World

A known SDG (Social Development Goal) initiative of the United Nations is equal opportunity in education.

MMUN (Montessori Model United Nations),which is in special consultative status with UN ECOSOC, has been addressing this since 2006 fostering  global youth citizens through their unique tailored programs, collaborating with schools in more than 70 countries.

The MMUN has been working on a new model to reach students and schools across the world to collaborate and transfer knowledge called the YouthConnect! Brother & Sister Schools program.

The MMUN Youth Connect! Brother & Sister Schools program is more than a learning platform focused on the Montessori principles. The platform is an interactive learning platform, connecting teachers and students globally regardless of pedagogy.

The YouthConnect! Platform encourages a worldly appreciation of one another’s culture and history fostering empathy, responsibility, collaboration and problem solving. YouthConnect! is built for both teachers and students with:

  • Teacher to Teacher guidance and mentorship to develop leadership skills using curriculum and methodology developed by MMUN and the Youth Impact! Forum;
  • Students can connect, learn, collaborate and improve their skills sets through exposure to different cultures broadening their mindsets and thought processes.

The young, as the future custodians of the planet, through quality education can learn to solve all of the world’s problems without war and without prejudice.


With 1.3 billion children affected and challenged worldwide to educational access due to statutory school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic MMUN took on the challenge to provide an online schooling technology infrastructure that is scalable and cost effective and will have a global reach. As e-learning is one of the important subjects of today, such challenges hold a very important factor, namely connectivity.

According to our sources, MMUN approached Core Group, which has integrated with a Peer to Peer video streaming platform TiNG, and the Luna Mesh network to address this challenge. To put this into layman’s terms, TiNG is a video streaming platform that is based on peer to peer technology where there are no servers involved, instead each person that connects starts streaming the video, not just to themselves, but also to other people. This makes the video platform scalable, as the more users participating, the faster the videos will stream.

TiNG also has a fully integrated peer to peer video calling and document collaboration platform integrated making it the perfect tool for businesses, entertainment and most importantly, education. There are multiple interesting features integrated into the TiNG platform including a unique new form of income which is due to the Core Blockchain Network.

For such an initiative to be successfully deployed the hurdles to overcome are exceptionally challenging. One of the most important challenges is to ensure the safety and security of the youth who are exposed to such a broad platform. According to our sources, MMUN accomplished this challenge by partnering with Core Group, a decentralized software solutions platform. Core Group has implemented several use cases, one of which is CorePass.

CorePass is a Blockchain based digital identity system with DApp (Decentralized Application) that protects the users through a Core Token Smart Contract verification. The identities are protected using Core Blockchain, with the highest level of encryption using the Edwards Curve ED448 Cryptography.

To ensure TiNG can reach everyone, everywhere in the world, TiNG is using the Luna Mesh Network to stream all its features. Luna Mesh Network has a 98% global reach which can stream the data at a whopping ~3MBps without internet. This makes this platform truly feasible and unique.

Our sources have informed us that the collaboration will provide a fully customized instance for MMUN YouthConnect! Brother & Sister Schools Program where each school that participates in this initiative, will have their own custom channel and will be able to provide a first world tertiary education.

It is without a doubt a revolutionary step forward, not only out of a technological standpoint, but also out of a UN SDG perspective, addressing equal opportunity for all in education. We have been informed by Core Group that most of the applications are completed and are in testing phase.

Currently MMUN YouthConnect! is raising funds through donations to deploy this initiative to further the curriculum and provide additional infrastructure to help the disadvantaged schools with equipment. As a 501c3 organization, MMUN  is a not for profit charity that can issue donation receipts. According to our sources the pilot phase will launch during October 2020.

In conclusion, CCNEWS24 is extremely excited to report about such projects focused on bettering the world by providing equal opportunities to all showing that Blockchain has so much more to offer than just financial transactions. We look forward to seeing more initiatives like these in the future.  We applaud the teams and their hard work and cannot wait to see how this improves the world and sprouts untapped minds to resolve worldly problems.

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