Is The Decentralized TiNG & MeeTiNG Platform Real Competition For YouTube, Theta, Google Meet & Zoom?

TiNG & MeeTiNG Platform is a Fully Decentralized, borderless, serverless, Peer to Peer, Over The Top Video Streaming and Communications Platform.

Is The Decentralized TiNG & MeeTiNG Platform Real Competition For YouTube, Theta, Google Meet & Zoom?

Having a wide spread audience, CCNEWS24 is slowly but surely moving into live video streaming and broadcasting news to our readers spread all over the world, with security and reach these days which are some of the most important aspects we keep in mind.

As we all know there are various existing products and solutions to choose from for streaming offering basically the same solutions such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Theta etc. and when it comes to video calling, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.

There are still multiple issues we are faced with such as, joining a meeting, costs, centralized solutions , application downloads, server crashes, dropping of calls, limitations, not an all in one solution, video lagging, etc. Not to mention all other third party software such as streamlabs, OBS, etc which is required should one want to do a proper live stream. Sure Youtube has now built a small type of OBS however very limited.

This is what truly differentiates the TiNG and MeeTiNG platform from the rest.

During our interview with Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Ockert Loubser, we discussed primarily what are the differentiators TiNG has to offer and why would people want to move to the TiNG platform?

He was very definitive in his answer; “When one has to sum up the process of bringing your video content to your audience, it needs to be seamless, simplistic, fast and secure.” he further explained;One needs to treat content that is uploaded as Intellectual Property and that property needs to be protected, which is one of our main focal points.

We also discussed about all the features that the TiNG & MeeTiNG platform has implemented:

The TiNG and MeeTiNG platform is not only a video streaming platform, it is built to act more as a tool for users who collaborate on multiple channels, or who own multiple channels, want to make live streams, have business meetings, record their streams for their teams to revisit, online education, etc.’ Ockert Loubser stated that “There is so much to show and explain, that I cannot say all in an interview, I would rather show it in our live stream coming up on Wednesday, 19th of May 2021 at 7pm CET

With crypto, P2P and decentralized software solutions popping up all over the world, it is sure to say that the general public are definitely starting to look at alternative solutions as opposed to just settling for the large institutions. Needless to say, the public wants comfort, security and ease of use.

When asking co-founder and CIO Rastislav Vašička about the reach and distribution of the TiNG and MeeTiNG platform he stated:

We can bring the content for the audience in distant communities using the Core Ecosystem and content based on P2P networking.

The TiNG and MeeTiNG platform is fully integrated with the CorePass application and decentralized login not only to ensure that users know who they connect with but also to link their IP to their identities to ensure copyright protection can take place.

As the co-founder and CEO Michael Loubser stated on the Core Ecosystem Livestream; “you cannot hide behind your own identity.

As for our readers and being a Crypto news channel, what is rather exciting is that the TiNG and MeeTiNG platform has seamlessly integrated with the Core Token for payment of all services. When asking Michael Loubser of what type of impact this will have on the token itself he quoted:

The vast service offering of the TiNG and MeeTiNG platform for a daily public and business use will increase the demand of Core Token dramatically, the TiNG and MeeTiNG is probably one of the best use cases in a blockchain based smart contract environment. Not only in donations and transactions but also keeping the peer to peer transaction and communication decentralized. The opportunity in monetizing video content, effort and public opinion through comments and quotes, is absolutely unique in the market and probably the first of its kind.

For those who are interested in the live stream you can join here on Wednesday 19th of May at 7 pm CET.

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