CorePass, The World’s First Blockchain Based Decentralized Digital Identity

CorePass is revolutionizing trust and transparency through their unique decentralized digital identity application built on the Core Blockchain Network.

CorePass, The World’s First Blockchain Based Decentralized Digital Identity

When interviewing Ockert Loubser CEO and Co-Founder, to understand how the CorePass application works and why it was built, he stated:

For anything to enter a digital environment, be it an individual, a company, an asset, transaction practically anything of value, one has to be able to attach an identity to it. To do that an initial entry into a centralized environment  has to take place for the process of creating the digital attribute connected to an existing digital identity and or asset. A digital asset does not necessarily mean currency, property, asset, etc. An identity which is actually data, is also a digital asset.

Furthermore the CorePass application is not only built to act as a digital passport and or to verify identification document authenticity such as drivers licenses or identity document or passport. The application has so much more to offer in terms of identity management, secure data transfer, payments and almost any digital attribute you can think of.

CorePass is in its final testing phase. CCNEWS24 has been fortunate enough to view, see and understand the endless possibilities that this application has to offer. CorePass is really a leap forward in the Blockchain and Crypto industry.

During our conversation Ockert Loubser CEO and Co-Founder unveiled the true aim of CorePass:

CorePass is the beginning of entering into any digital economy. It is not only there to be utilized in a decentralized environment but brings the blockchain to centralized environments leading to the usage of Blockchain in everyday life and following GDPR principles. Most importantly, it is there to protect everyone, from businesses to individuals, to ensure that their data is protected. When speaking about data, it is one of the most valuable things and should be treated with the same respect, and that value should be transferred through means of remuneration.
CorePass will bring major opportunities to many industries. For starters we think the CorePass will speed up any digital transacting and service delivery. It is our opinion that the current identity systems we have today are slowing innovation in FinTech and many other service industries requiring digital identity and asset verification, CorePass will change that.  we quoted Ockert Loubser

The CorePass application not only allows for peer to peer connection and data transfers but also has taken the login of websites and protection of data to a whole new level.

There will be a livestream taking place about the Core Ecosystem on the 28th of April 2021 at 7pm Central European Time

where the founders will take all viewers through the entire platform where one of the topics will be about CorePass and in our humble opinion it is worth the time to join this livestream to understand the magnitude and enormous impact this application will have in the near future.

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