Interest in Litecoin is declining, confirmed by the latest statistics

Interest in Litecoin is declining, confirmed by the latest statistics
Litecoin, also nicknamed the “Bitcoin brother”, achieved ATL on two monitored indicators.

It used to have a firm place in the TOP5 CMC rankings, but today Litecoin shows the lowest values ​​on the market in the last few years.

The first indicator monitored is the “Mean Transaction Volume”, which reached ATL of 11,016 LTC.

What is probably the saddest thing is the fact that the previous ATL of 11,721 LTC was measured almost ten years ago on November 18, 2011 and today we would rather expect a new ATH.

At this time, Litecoin also fell in another indicator, which monitors the realized cap.

Litecoin thus recorded a 2-year low of $ 4,349,663,038.45 on this chart as well.

However, Litecoin is not accompanied by bad news only, and as the LTC Foundation reported, Litecoin is the 2nd most supported coin in crypto ATMs.

This success is mainly due to Litecoin ATM Network, which added 380 new ATMs only since August 10, and currently there are a total of 6,461.

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