Interesting analytics about the development of different Crypto-currencies

Interesting analytics about the development of different Crypto-currencies

In this link you can see some statistics about how intensively are individual crypto-currencies being developed. For each project, only the core code (i.e. not fancy wallets or apps based on the given currency) is being analysed. The most important metrics we are interested in are commits.

The circles area corresponds number of commits, individual authors committed in the given month. Displayed is so-called normocommits count: normocommit is commit which happened at least 2 hours after some other normocommit of the same author. This measure is to filter out eager-committers who produce a lot of commits and skew statistics. The colour of a circle corresponds to seniority of the current author: green = greenhorn, first month on the project. Black = senior, at least 6 months on the project.

The coins order is according to total normocommits count in recent 4 months.

Team similarity shows how much the current-month team composition differs from average composition during 3 to 5 months ago interval.

In the link below you can see a graphical view or the statistics:


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