Altcoin market indicates a potential start of the season

Altcoin market indicates a potential start of the season

From a market perspective and information from Coinmetrics, we can currently see positive changes regarding altcoins. Indications in the form of rising cryptocurrencies prices may indicate a potential start of the altcoin season.

In the picture below we can see the percentage change in the price for the last week which confirms this.

Coin Metrics Reference Rates

Coinmetrics tracked the 12 most interesting altcoins and all reached green numbers.

Among the biggest favorites is the cryptocurrency Cardano, which increased by more than 40% after the launch of the Shelley Rollout Plan.
Ethereum, and the entire community is in anticipation of the launch of ETH 2.0, which is reflected in its strength and position among the altcoins. ETH is still at the top of the Altcoins Market Cap in current value of $ 26,331,620,680 (at the time of writing), and has also grown by more than 14%.

We also can’t forget about OmiseGo, which after listing on Coinbase has grown by more than 100%.

OMG/BTC – Binance

It is really difficult to predict the extent to which there will be increased interest in the altcoins market, but in terms of innovation and constant modernization, some altcoins are still an interesting and attractive investment in the future.

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