Binance is officially expanding to the United Kingdom

Binance is officially expanding to the United Kingdom

According to the latest information from Reuters, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges is moving to the United Kingdom.

Binance wants to introduce a trading platform this summer, where investors will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for pounds and euros. The trading platform will also be fully regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Interest and participation in the UK digital asset markets is growing; not just in-depth with its current participants, but also in breadth,

Binance UK Director Teana Baker-Taylor told Reuters.

Up to 65 digital assets will be available

On the trading platform, UK residents will be able to make deposits and withdrawals to buy and sell cryptocurrency via the UK Faster Payments Service and the Single Euro Payments Area network.

As crypto services mature and evolve, we’re able to create new options to engage and capture interest from a wider audience with varying risk appetites, such as products that earn a yield for participation, like staking and passive savings,

said Teana Baker.

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