China Merchants Port today signed a intelligent port project in Greater Bay area built on Blockchain

China Merchants Port today signed a intelligent port project in Greater Bay area built on Blockchain

According to Golden finance news, a major project for a platform that will focus on logistics and trade facilitation in Greater Bay and Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao ports just signed today.
The main technology will be blockchain, which will be used for the implementation of the project of intelligent ports.

The main goal is to transform and modernize all areas, including customs proceedings, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for all companies in the Greater Bay region.

Main advantages of the project:

  • Interconnection of all parties such as ports, freight forwarders, shipping companies and customs, businesses and financial institutions through a single mechanism.
  • Port Blockchain will support the integration of logistics in bay areas,and based on a data link of trade and logistics, blockchain build a corporate, commodity, logistics, contractual, and documents library to improve its core management capabilities.

Ye Wahgchun (Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of Financial OneAccount) said “Both sides will jointly build the first blockchain platform in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Gulf.
China Merchants Port can for the first time, build an intelligent port logistics platform that connects all relevant parties based on blockchain technology.

“Through the integration and sharing of “information flow, logistics and capital flow”, the platform can achieve the practical effects of efficiency gains, efficiency improvements, risk control and cost control. In the future, the platform will gradually realize its long-term visions of “accurate regulation, intensive logistics, intelligent operation, process visualization and financial inclusion”.




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