Coca-Cola launches decentralized project "Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor"

Coca-Cola launches decentralized project "Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor"

CONA Services (Coke One North America) is launching the “Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor” project, which will use the public Ethereum Mainnet.

CONA was one of the first Coca-Cola companies to adopt the Blockchain platform running on Hyperledger Fabric in 2019. The results were satisfactory and showed increased transparency along with efficiency in bottlers’ intricate supply chain. As blockchain technology has met expectations, CONA now wants to expand its use to a larger audience and create a “Coca Cola Bottling Harbor”.

The official report states:

CONA now wants to extend the use-case from the internal network to a larger audience. Utilizing the Baseline Protocol, the goal is to establish a “Coca Cola Bottling Harbor”, enabling a low barrier network joining process for Coca-Cola Bottling suppliers. This not only streamlines the ability of internal bottlers-suppliers to provide products to the bottling network, but also external suppliers (e.g. raw materials vendors supplying cans and bottles) can benefit from an integrated, private, distributed integration network.

CONA, together with Provide and Unibright, rely on the Baseline Protocol, which provides technical backbone for:

  • using the public Ethereum Mainnet as an always-on, pay-per-use frame of reference;
  • keeping enterprise data in traditional systems of record;
  • enabling complex, private, inter-organizational business process automation;
  • providing extensibility for DeFi & asset tokenization use-cases;
  • being openly-governed open source, poised to become an OASIS standard

The project is already launched and the first results should come in Q4 2020.

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