Coin Cloud celebrates the installation of the 1000th Crypto ATM

Coin Cloud celebrates the installation of the 1000th Crypto ATM
The leading provider of Digital Currency Machines, announces the achievement of a major milestone, the 1000th installation.

Coin Cloud has recently installed its 1000th digital kiosk to buy and sell digital currency, informs PR. The company is the only national operator to offer 100% two-way DCMs. Customers can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies for cash at any place where the company’s kiosk is located.

Chris McAlary, CEO of Coin Cloud said:

Our 1,000th installation is the result of exponential growth. We deployed over 120 kiosks this week, and doubled our installed base every six months for the last two years,

It’s exciting to see consumer and retailer demand for DCMs grow so quickly. People want more control over their finances, and we’re living proof of digital currency’s mainstream acceptance.

To date, Coin Cloud operates up to 61% of two-way DCMs in the United States and is the first DCM company to install 1,000 machines.

Our machines meet a critical consumer need because they grant anyone an instant, trusted gateway to the digital economy,

We make the intangible tangible, converting digital currency to physical currency and vice versa on demand.

Coin Cloud’s integration of DCMs with digital wallets are becoming the cash machines of the 21st century. They are being embraced and taking over at an ever-increasing rate.

McAlary points out.

According to a recent survey by the Blackhawk Network, shopping trends are being digitized and as many as 88% of respondents have acknowledged that they use a digital wallet of some kind.

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