DeFi has reached a new ATH today and is on the rise again

DeFi has reached a new ATH today and is on the rise again
Interest in DeFi is growing enormously in November, and total value locked has today exceeded $ 14B.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is very popular because it helps to effectively transform old financial products into more trustworthy and transparent protocols that work without intermediaries.

However, today is a bit more significant for whole DeFi, because a while ago the total value locked in DeFI reached a new ATH worth $ 14.19B.

Let’s also look at the top three places, where Maker took the first place in the lending category with $ 2.50B and a daily change of + 4.61%. The second place belongs to WBTC in the assets category and with a $ 2.32B and daily increase of + 4.03%. TOP3 closes protocol Compound again in the lending category with $ 1.59B and a 5.08% increase in 24 hours.

As for the DeFi crypto market cap, it is currently at $ 17.45B which represents a 10.63% increase over the last day.

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