DeFi Total Market Cap exceeded $ 2 billion

DeFi Total Market Cap exceeded $ 2 billion

The Decentralized Financial Market is growing rapidly, as the latest statistics show. According to data from the DeFi Market Cap, is current value of the total market cap more than $ 2 billion, specifically $ 2,324,436,791 at the time of writing this article.

In our last article on April 16, we paid attention to exceeding the value of $ 1 billion, and after two months it is more than double.

In the ranking are following changes:

  • First place still belongs to MakerDao (MKR), which rose from $ 284,120,465 to $ 515,991,355 (81.61024%)
  • Second place was also defended by 0x (ZRX) and rose from $ 175,806,270 to $ 366,320,240 (108.36604%)
  • Synthetix Network Token (SNX) lost third place and was replaced by Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) with a current market cap of $ 250,726,363

As data from Defi Pulse shows, Total Value Locked in DeFi is $ 979.2M and is still dominated by Maker with 52.09%.

Currently, many and new companies are beginning to take an interest in the DeFi market and financial decentralized ecosystem in order to apply their financial tools and services to it.

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