Dragonmint T1 from Halong Mining Review

Dragonmint T1 from Halong Mining Review

Firstly, this is not a paid review. 

We ordered 10 test Dargonmint T1 miners from Halong Mining. The product delivery was delayed with 1 month however the machines arrived today, better later than never. We contacted Halong Mining and their response was within a few hours reassuring us that we will receive our products and apologized for the late delivery.

So, Now that we have received our Dragonmint T1 Halong miners, we absolutely want to congratulate Halong Mining for their very well-built Dargonmint T1 ASIC Miner.  The Halong Dargonmint T1 miner looks a bit like Bitmain’s S9 but, once you remove the T1 from its packaging, you feel the difference in quality. The materials and general feel of the T1 miner is really great, especially in the way the logical and effective way the controller card and hashblades are mounted. The T1 does not have the rattles and flimsy feeling of the S9. The craftmanship of the T1 is solid and certainly looks durable. 

The power supply, a MyRig 1680Watts Halong Mining sells with the Dragonmint T1, is a mandatory add-on when you buy the miners from Halong Mining’s online shop. It looks like most of the slim lined power supplies provided by ASIC mining companies such as Bitmain but with one very big improvement; the power cables of the MyRig are thicker which is a huge relief to us in terms of PSU durability and safety. When you are mining on large scale, the heat does affect the cables substantially and can result in cables that burn or some connector malfunctions. 

Once your Dragonmint T1 is ready to power up, you are surprised with a great, user friendly and well laid out dashboard and frontend. There are several features that you can change as well as increasing or decreasing your power consumption and hash rate. Halong mining has also provided a great log. Apart from the great software, the machines mine standard 15-16TH/s as promised. When you start playing around on the software, you can reach hash rates of up to 20+TH/s. The T1’s software is clearly a great feature compared to the standard software that comes with Bitmain’s S9. Given this review is based on a few hours of playing with the Dragonmint T1, we are suitably impressed thus far and only time will tell if the machines can sustain the performance within standard mining environments.

However, there is one comment that we do have which is not on the plus side for Halong Mining. You are limited to only mine on pools which support Overt ASICBoost pools such as SLUSH Pool, Bitminter, Ckpool, etc.We have tried several other pools including our own pool with no luck. 

In general, we thank Halong Mining for their efforts and look forward to testing these machines out full time!


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