Bitcoin is over $ 15K and large investment companies are counting gigantic profits

Bitcoin is over $ 15K and large investment companies are counting gigantic profits
We could simply call the current situation on the BTC market “Bitcoin to the Moon”.

Bitcoin has surpassed $ 15K today, which means it’s only a small step to rewrite the ATH (2017) of all time.

From the moment PayPal 21.10. 2020 came with the announcement of the acceptance and launch of services for cryptocurrencies in the Bitcoin market, there was literally a boom. The price reacted with an immediate pump and increased during this period (21.10 – 5.11) from min. measured value of $ 11,886 (binance) to today’s peak of $ 15,300 (binance) which represents 28.7%.

Bitcoin is just a few thousand dollars apart from ATH of all time since December 17, 2017 in the amount of $ 19,798 (binance).

But did well-known public investment companies know about the planned announcement of PayPal and mass adaptation of Bitcoin?

If you look at the picture above, you can see a total of up to 7 public companies that decided to invest in BTC either in September or just before the publication, on October 9th.

I would like to remind you that the announcement, which triggered a massive price increase, came on 21 October, and Grayscale, for example, which made the largest investment in Bitcoin to date of 449,596 BTC, decided to do so by coincidence less than two weeks before publication.

What is extremely mysterious and striking, however, is the fact that CoinShares the second largest investment of 69,730 BTC was made at the same time. Digital Asset Management also joined, buying 8,295 BTC on the same day.

I think that these events were noticed by several investors and probably none of us will know how it went and whether it was a really professional assessment of the market and background or simply these companies had informants.

In any case this situation only confirms the rule that there is always something big behind the entry of large companies and subsequent investments, this time PayPal and their decision to accept cryptocurrencies.

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