Elon Musk to Incorporate DogeCoin Payments into SpaceX

After allowing payments in DOGE for his Tesla company, SpaceX might be next.

Elon Musk to Incorporate DogeCoin Payments into SpaceX

It seems that Elon Musk has caused yet another commotion on Twitter when he revealed his future plans of incorporating DOGE payments for his space exploration company, SpaceX. The news comes only four months after Tesla started accepting payments in this cryptocurrency.

Musk has been known to be a DogeCoin supporter for a couple of years now. First, he stirred some discussions after the meme cryptocurrency started being accepted by his electric car company, which propelled the price of DOGE at the time.

In fact, a similar thing happens every time that the man mentions DOGE on his social media. Even his tweet that showed support for this digital asset helped it rise 25% on the market.

Furthermore, he revealed in a reply that he was considering allowing DogeCoin as payment for Starlink subscriptions as well.

What started as a joke cryptocurrency has grown into an actual asset, and with the support of such names as Musk, or Mark Kuban, we can only expect the digital asset to continue to do well in the near future.

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