Exactly ten years ago, BTC was worth $ 0.29

Exactly ten years ago, BTC was worth $ 0.29
Today, it is ten years since the beginnings of the bitcoin network and the moment when Bitcoin began to be talked about.

If you had told someone ten years ago that Bitcoin would ever reach $ 30K, they would probably think you’re crazy. It was on this day that the first block of genesis was mined in 2009, and at the time when the Bitcoin network started operating, the BTC was worth $ 0.29.

In honor of this event, analysts from glassnode have drawn up a graph where we can look at the development of the price of Bitcoin over the last 10 years on this day.

Considering that in 10 years Bitcoin has been able to increase its value from $ 0.29 to $ 34,000 (+ 11724037.9%), we can say with a clear conviction that it is one of the most powerful investment assets in the entire history of mankind.

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