Swiss investment company has successfully registered Bitcoin Capital Active ETP

Swiss investment company has successfully registered Bitcoin Capital Active ETP

In today’s official report, the Swiss investment company FICAS AG informs on the success of the registration of a new crypto ETP called Bitcoin Capital Active.

The specialized Swiss company FICAS, which deals with investing in crypto assets, is becoming a pioneer of the World’s First Actively Managed Cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Product (ETP) listed at SIX.

From now on, both retail and institutional investors can buy this product through their bank as easily as any other stock. The company fulfilled all conditions for registration and obtained full regulatory approvals for Switzerland.

The Bitcoin Capital Active ETP is issued at CHF 100

Ali Mizani Oskui, founder of FiCAS, said:

Devising the world’s first actively managed Crypto ETP marks an important milestone in our effort to deliver enhanced market returns for our clients over time. Based on our in-depth trading and analytical experience, actively managing our underlyings allows us to preempt and react to market movements through the discretionary buying and selling of crypto assets to steer risk-adjusted returns. Personally, I have built my expertise in crypto trading since 2013, with a strong track record in outperforming the market. I look forward to bringing my trading experience to global and institutional markets with this pioneering product.

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