Telekom Austria now support payments in Digital currencies

Telekom Austria now support payments in Digital currencies

A1 Telekom Austria Group announces on its website a significant step in the adaptation of non-cash payments related to digital currencies.

A1 Group came up with a solution after judging that the modernization of payment transactions benefits all parties, including companies and ordinary consumers. For money operations, the company uses the A1 Payment product, which also provides the companies with their own terminals where they can then choose their own portfolio of currencies.

Thanks to A1 Payment, companies throughout Austria can use these innovative forms of payment and do not have to worry about fluctuating exchange rate risks, as they receive a selling price in euros.

As for technical security, this is taken care of by Fintech company Salamatex, based in Lower Austria, takes care of this, specializing in developing intelligent, trustworthy and secure software solutions for payment with digital assets and combining them with existing payment solutions.

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