More than 2,500 stores in Austria will support Bitcoin payments

More than 2,500 stores in Austria will support Bitcoin payments

Salamantex Austrian provider of software solutions for digital currencies wants to make a crypto revolution in the country.


From this summer, owners of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash can pay in more than 2,500 stores in Austria, informs Salamantex. All the merchant needs to do is activate the A1 Payment system.

Behind everything is the service of the Lower Austrian Fintech Salamantex, which uses integrated software for A1 Payment. The system has been in trial operation for several months and is ready for implementation in real life. The service already supports debit and credit cards, to which digital currencies will now be added.

Austria is changing its attitude on digital currencies after the government called on retailers to made available non-cash payment transactions as accessible as possible.

Markus Pejacsevich, COO Salamantex:

Our goal is to make paying with digital currencies at the checkout as easy and natural as we have been used to with credit cards for decades. With A1, we have a partner for the Austria-wide rollout who, just like us, is convinced of this payment system of the future and works towards making payment with digital assets accessible to the broad masses. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies opens up new affluent customer groups and enables merchants to position themselves as pioneers in their industry.

Thanks to A1 payment, the merchant will always receive the purchase price in euros after making the payment, so he does not have to worry about exchange rate or currency risk.

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