Swiss InCore Bank has been licensed for many Crypto activities

Swiss InCore Bank has been licensed for many Crypto activities

Financial market supervision FINMA has recently allowed the transaction bank InCore Bank AG several crypto activities. These operations include trading, storage, transfers, but also the creation of digital assets.

InCore Bank became the first Swiss bank, that can provide for their clients simple and secure access to cryptocurrencies.

The Transaction Bank has many years of experience and thorough knowledge of applicable regulations and processes. This puts bank in the position of a highly secure and verified institution.

Our customers benefit from a shift and from expansion to a new asset class without having to invest in infrastructure and new processes themselves. And while maintaining the usual safety standards. This is how we build a bridge to traditional asset classes, said Mark Dambacher, CEO of InCore Bank.

InCore Bank is already cooperating with the first client, which is Maerki Baumann & Co. AG, Stephan Zwahlen CEO of the company, said:

InCore Bank’s offer fits in very well with our crypto strategy with which we want to add digital assets to our private banking services.

Proven cooperation with InCore Bank allows us to focus on key competencies in the field of investment advice and asset management through the development of services in the field of trading in cryptocurrencies and crypto externally,

New asset class is available to all financial service providers as well as institutional clients.

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