Bitcoin has reached $ 10,000 and continues to rise

Bitcoin has reached $ 10,000 and continues to rise

All bitcoin enthusiasts are celebrating because we have overtaken $ 10,000 after a long time.

In the last analysis, we wrote that big players are probably on summer vacation and the market was unusually quiet, however, we did not wait long and the next day it changed all and the price of BTC started to rise.

Since July 20, we have been able to see a regularly BTC grow and bulls were preparing for a heavy test in the $ 10,000 area. Yesterday came the first attempt to overcome it, but the bears successfully regulated it and did not allow it to go higher. Today it was already convincing and the attempt to overcome was successful, we are currently trading BTC for $ 10,700.

From the point of TA view, it looks like this:

  • $ 10,000 resistance may turn to support if bulls don’t allow drop BTC lower in the next 24 hours
  • Buy volumes dominate and this can stimulate further growth
  • RSI is overbought on almost all time frames, including 1D, a high probability of touching area $ 10,000 in the near future

Trading tips:

  • Open Long around $ 10,000 SL 5%
  • We do not recommend a short order

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