Exchange Inflow (1d MA) of Basic Attention Token (BAT) fell by 52% this year

Exchange Inflow (1d MA) of Basic Attention Token (BAT) fell by 52% this year
Recent statistics show a significant decrease in the exchange inflow of cryptocurrency BAT as well as other indicators.

Despite the fact that BAT is a very popular cryptocurrency, mainly due to the Brave browser, it has decreased substantially in value over the course of the last few months as per the monitored indicators.

The first of the monitored indicators is “Exchange Inflow (1d MA)”, which reached a 5-month low.

According to glassnode alerts, the monitored indicator reached only $ 3,469.28 inflow, which is a significant decrease of 51.7% from the previous 5-month low of $ 7,196.52, which was measured on May 4, 2020.

These results were also reflected in the transaction volume (1d MA) of the cryptocurrency, and BAT reached a 7-month low of $ 52,124.58.

The previous 7-month low was measured on March 8, 2020 at $ 54,806.16.

However, it’s not always all about numbers, the Basic Attention Token devotes almost all its efforts to its Brave browser, which builds a strategy on rewarding users for browsing and, according to the latest statistics, Brave recently reached 18.3 million monthly active users.

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