Total value locked in DeFi exceeds $ 11B (NEW ATH)

Total value locked in DeFi exceeds $ 11B (NEW ATH)
After a short exhalation, DeFi is growing again, reaching another significant milestone by exceeding $ 11B in TVL.

If you thought that DeFi was in decline, you were obviously wrong, because it was just a temporary break before further growth. We are currently witnessing the total value locked in Defi exceeding $ 11B and it seems to continue driving.

As you can see on the chart from DeFi Pulse yesterday, the highest value of $ 11,081B was measured, which means a new ATH.

As for the table itself, Uniswap is in the first place in the DEXes category with $ 2.16B, the second place is narrowly lost by Maker in the Lending category with $ 1.92B and in the third place is AAVE with $ 1.50B (Lending).

Within the DeFi Tokens by Market Capitalization, a lot has changed since our last article.

EthLend Token (Aave), who was in the first place a month ago, dropped to the 5th place and was replaced by Compound Dai (Compound), Wrapped BTC (Bitcoin) took the second place and Curve Y Pool was replaced by Dai (Maker Dao) in the third place.

Let us also remember the Panxora Group, which also sees great growth potential in the DeFi market and announced last week the establishment of a new DeFi Hedge Fund to generate profits.

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