Panxora launches DeFi Hedge Fund to generate profits from this fast-growing market

Panxora launches DeFi Hedge Fund to generate profits from this fast-growing market
Licensed fund manager, Panxora Group announced this week that the company will soon launch the DeFi Hedge Fund.

Panxora Group has also noticed that the decentralized finance market is growing rapidly, creating a new quantitative hedge fund designed to generate profits from DeFi. On its official website, the company further informs that the DeFi fund was established in the Cayman Island, offers good access to DeFi market opportunities and should also be resistant to the volatility that often accompanies any new and fast-growing market. All this should be provided by Panxora’s AI trading software, which the company has been using to trade cryptocurrencies since 2017.

Marcie Terman, COO at Panxora, said:

This fund is meant for people that want exposure to DeFi but lack the resources to research this very specialist market themselves.

The year 2020 literally marked a boom for the DeFi market, as it has literally grown exponentially and multiplied since the beginning of the year. Panxora draws attention to individual tokens such as OMG, which has risen from $ 0.61 to $ 5.30, as well as AAVE with an increase of more than 4,300%.

Gavin Smith, Managing Partner at Panxora Hedge Funds, says:

While the DeFi market has grown significantly this year, we believe that this market is in the earliest possible stages. As the benefits to consumers start to be recognized, the potential is so great that what we are experiencing now is just the first of many dynamic moves upwards over coming months and years.

DeFi Panxora Hedge Fund will officially start trading on Monday, November 2, 2020.

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