First Deputy Prime Minister ranked Blockchain as one of Russia's priorities

First Deputy Prime Minister ranked Blockchain as one of Russia's priorities
In today’s speech to the Federation Council, A. Belousov stated that blockchain is one of the priority technologies for the coming years.

At today’s parliamentary meeting in Moscow, the topic of the country’s technological development also came up. Some of the key points of the meeting was the statement of the first Deputy Prime Minister, A. Belousov, who clearly named what technologies the country will be interested in over the coming years.

The priorities of the state policy in the field of technological development in Russia for the following years are:

  • Quantum and Genetic technologies
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain
  • New energy sources

A. Belousov stated:

The emphasis here will be on the following. First and foremost, it is the support and development of promising technological foundations for end-to-end technologies in the interaction of the state and the largest companies.

According to TASS, end-to-end technologies mainly concern AI, quantum computing, new materials, quantum sensing, blockchain technology, microelectronics, internet, 5G, quantum communication, as well as energy transfer technologies and new energy sources.

Belousov pointed out the need for the rapid development of genetic technologies and also added:

It is necessary to practically re-create a risk finance system with the attraction of private capital and public-private partnerships. The corresponding proposals from the business sphere have already been accepted,

However, in the end, the Deputy Prime Minister assured everyone that the measures under the National Technology Initiative were already being implemented and that the country would create a system that would bring the necessary tools and support measures provided by various development institutions.

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