Total Value Locked in DeFi surpasses $ 7 Billion

Total Value Locked in DeFi surpasses $ 7 Billion
Interest in DeFi is growing every day and total value locked in DeFi hits new ATH.

It is unbelievable to see how fast the DeFi market and interest in these decentralized products is growing. If we just compare our published article from two months ago where we wrote that “Total Value Locked in DeFi is $ 979.2M”, today it is already more than $ 7 Billion.

We also noted at the time that the DeFi Total Market Cap exceeded $ 2 billion and today it is almost $ 13 billion which means more than a 500% increase in such a short time.

As for the TOP3 DeFi Tokens by Market Capitalization table, it’s all changed here.

Maker is no longer in first place and is currently in 5th place, replaced by EthLend Token with a market cap of $ 1,038,695,556. 0x, which once belonged to the second place, fell to 7th position and was replaced by Compound Dai with a market cap of $ 1,022,609,745. Kyber Network Crystal recorded the biggest drop in table when it dropped from third place to 14th and was replaced by Curve Y Pool with a market cap of $ 769,941,919.

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