TOP 10 best performing DeFi tokens in the last seven days

TOP 10 best performing DeFi tokens in the last seven days
Some DeFi tokens have skyrocketed last week, let’s look at the TOP10.

Decentralized Finance is still popular, as evidenced by the recent achievement of an important milestone, exceeding 1 million users. However, let’s look at how this is reflected in specific DeFi tokens and their performance over the last seven days.

A brief overview of the best performing DeFi tokens in the last seven days was provided by analysts from Coin98:

As you can see in the chart above, the first position was occupied by the newcomer IDLE, which has increased by 433.8% since its launch on December 3. The IDLE token is used to manage the Idle protocol, where the token plays an important role, especially in the Governance system, where each IDLE corresponds to one vote.

But let’s also look at other positions, where the COVER token ended up in the second place, recording an increase of 147.3%. The COVER protocol focuses mainly on the protection of DeFi users against smart contract risk.

From the third place and below, the tokens recorded only a two-digit change in price, which is still a respectable performance where ADEL is in the third place with 51.4%, followed by FRONT with 47.4% and TOP5 closes the AKRO token with 46.6%.

Other positions were occupied by DeFi tokens such as PICKLE with 46.4%, WING with 44.6%, COL 39.4%, COMP 38.1% and AUC with 33.4%.

As for total value locked in DeFi, still stays above $ 14B, and Maker dominates with 18.39%.

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