DeFi broke another record with 1 million users

DeFi broke another record with 1 million users
The market for DeFi applications and services is constantly growing, which confirms the achievement of 1 million users.

We only recently informed you that the total value locked in DeFi exceeded $ 14B, reaching the new ATH. Not much time has passed since then, and today DeFi is celebrating the achievement of another important milestone.

DeFi was surpassed by 1 million users yesterday.

This information was published by Dune Analytics through its chart, where we can see the enormous rate at which this number has grown since the beginning of the year.

DeFi registered 98,409 users at the beginning of the year, on 1 January 2020, and after almost a year, on 5 December, it had already surpassed 1 million, namely 1,002,172 users, an increase of 918.3%.

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