Institutional Bitcoin trading recorded the most successful day in history

Institutional Bitcoin trading recorded the most successful day in history
The inflow of institutional money to Bitcoin is on a significant rise, as confirmed by the latest statistics.

With the rising price of Bitcoin, the inflow of institutional money is also increasing, as evidenced by the latest survey from Arcane Research.

Analysts increased their attention especially on November 26, when for the first time in history, a regulated platform, CME, which offers institutional trading in Bitcoin futures contracts, managed to surpass giants such as OKEx and Binance.

CME recorded an open interest of 1.16 and thus outperformed OKEx with 1.07 and Binance with 0.9. Last week the exchange also reached a record high daily volume of $ 2.2 billion.

Earlier this week, OKEx managed to beat CME again with an open interest of $ 1.34 billion, but CME is not losing much and set a new OI record of $ 1.27 billion on Monday.

Ultimately, these results are clear evidence that institutional demand for Bitcoins is increasing every day.

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